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  1. Not near as many as you'd think or hope, Carl. Newmar makes a semi-standard accessible Class A, but Winnebago refers you to its commercial division and builds it "custom" -- only 6 or 7 options for modifications to their standard designs. But, that's still only 2 vendors offering "stock" accessibility options; where are all the Thor product lines, for example? We got one of the last Born Free mobility Class C models, because their commercial division (Dodgen Industries) would take a floor-plan grid, build the fiberglass shell in whatever length desired, and design everything down to the cabinets door pulls. But, they're out of business now, and we're going to have to sell ours this year. 😪 Otherwise, there are no Class C builders offering accessible models. For the most part, the accessible coaches we've seen were modified post-construction. (Granted, our pre-purchase research is a couple of years old, but DW still keeps current with the rehabilitation magazines, etc. She's a retired Certified Rehabilitation Counselor / Supervisor with VR in 2 states, as well as a post-polio quad, so there's a vested interest.) Anyone considering an accessible RV, we'd be glad to discuss our experiences and research. Happy New Year, everyone.
  2. One minor correction to Richard's otherwise thorough explanation: The term is "subrogation", not "subjugation".
  3. If you're going for FHU or even just AC service, spaces at the Broward County parks (CB Smith, TY Park, etc.) are almost impossible to find. There's too many full time residents, most RV spaces are simply boondock space (sometimes on tarmac, sometimes on grass) and reservations are very difficult. (NOTE: We are Broward County residents, so it's from hard-earned experience.) If you're actually leaving from Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades), the closest RV park is Yacht Haven on State Rd. 84 just west of I-95. Great park and about 3 miles from the Port entrance (on 84). They do a good bit of business with cruisers. (It's also not too bad with Port Miami; there aren't too many RV parks in Southern Broward County or Miami-Dade County until you get South of Miami almost to the entrance to the Keys.) PM us if you need more information about the area.
  4. Contact National Mobility Equipment Dealers Assn. for the names of dealers in your area who can fit your Class A for hand controls. Installation of hand controls would probably include both a gas/brake pedal control and a steering wheel spinner knob (AKA a "necker's knob" from my youth). Cost should be under $2K, including lessons. If you're trying for an insurance claim, you should get a prescription from a physiatrist (MD or DO specializing in physical rehab) &/or a recommendation from an Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists certified instructor or driving school. Unfortunately, most insurance companies consider driving to not be an Activity of Daily Living (ADL), and driving a Class A would be definitely considered a recreational activity -- so no coverage. Sorry! (DW is a retired Certified Rehab Counselor of over 30 years experience, so this opinion comes from her.)
  5. SOLUTION FOUND: AdBlock was interfering with the pop-up editor box.
  6. Brett, thanks for setting this up. This is valuable to the disabled RVing community, just like the specialized category in the FMC Classifieds. Personally, once we get Elsa into "fighting shape", we'll want to take advantage of them (i.e., we'll be putting her on the market for sale). Mobility-equipped MHs are often so customized for the abilities/limitations/needs of the original owning family, so it's quite valuable to point out the adaptive equipment that usually don't quite fit their dealer's description templates. Anyone wanting to post here might want to discuss those features in their post. For example, this Foretravel has a SuperArm lift, which can restrict which types of wheelchairs can be lifted. My suspicion is that it was built for a paraplegic in a manual or sports wheelchair, who has the arm strength to use the overhead trapeze to pull themselves into the driver's seat, and the upper torso strength to safely ride the SuperArm. They can also easily transfer to the standard MH toilet. The kitchen modifications are also quite interesting. I was curious to see if this coach has a tow bar. One reason why we personally had to go with a Class C, rather than a Class A, is that our accessible van couldn't be towed, and we didn't want to invest in another upper-5-figures vehicle solely for RV day touring.
  7. There is a US DOT requirement that all ETC systems have to be able to recognize ALL ETC transponders by a future date (but the exact date escapes my senior brain, at the moment).
  8. We have never been caught on the 10-day rule. But, since we use Banfield at our home base for our vet, all our records are available on the Web wherever we travel. Our fur children joined us when we were living in Amsterdam, so they have ACTUAL EC Pet Passports. In Europe, because one can travel between countries as easily as North Americans can travel between states/provinces, such records are a necessity -- and the European vets issue them at first checkup.
  9. You all seem to be missing the point of the original article: "By far the most important criteria for selecting an RV club is the cost savings possibility. There are many RV clubs that offer discounts on various camping grounds." Their apparent sole criterion for inclusion is the level of discounted campgrounds offered. Under that scenario, FMCA doesn't rank anywhere near Good Sam or Passport America. What we DO offer, instead, are such INCLUDED benefits as FMCA Assist and the Michelin & Continental tire programs. Good Sam charges for its various insurance services; your membership merely allows you to APPLY for those goodies. (Non-members are automatically charged the GS club membership fees.) So, I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist over this article.
  10. There's Detroit Greenfield in Ypsilanti, fairly close to the Ford Museum in Dearborn. It's a small campground rather than a resort, but it might take your Tiffin. But, the one you might be thinking of is Harbortown RV Resort in Monroe, MI. Monroe is about 20 mi. southwest of Dearborn on I-75, and is located on Lake Erie. It's also the home of Laz-Y-Boy recliners, but we don't know if they're still offering factory tours. (It's been 5 years since we left Detroit.) Enjoy your trip, and make sure you get the chicken dinner in Frankenmuth!
  11. Are you departing from Port Miami or Port Everglades (i.e., Fort Lauderdale)? If the latter, there's a great RV park and Yacht basin just 2 miles up State Rd. 84 from the Port entrance. Yacht Haven Park We've lived there for almost 1.5 years when we were moving from Detroit to FL, and it was perfect for our needs -- even if we did drool a bit over the boats parked next door! Tell them that Marilynn & Gerry Stoloff sent you, and please give the Staff (Sue, et al) our regards.
  12. Please don't suggest abuse of the Emotional Support animal provisions of the Federal Fair Housing Act, or even worse, the Service Animal provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act! Just because he is having problems with his management company or Board of Directors doesn't justify making it harder for those of us who actually DO require these animals for our medical or psychological conditions -- including many vets! Some states are actually considering legislation to make such false claims a misdemeanor offense; I support that wholeheartedly!
  13. I agree with your point, Tom. It's a potential overheating issue that the store salescritter was suggesting. (However, as an Android user, I can't discuss iPhone problems from personal experience.)
  14. In the past 2 weeks, on a number of messages, I've been blocked by a greyed editing box, when I expected a white box where my cursor could click. This is true whether I choose "Reply to Post" or "Quote", and reloading the page or changing browser doesn't help. Comments / suggestions?
  15. Mark, I think you may need to reread the NHTSA statements on the effectiveness of seat & shoulder belts and air bags. These facts are quite true, but only for passenger vehicles (cars, vans, light trucks). Elkhartjim, kaypsmith and others are trying to indicate that, where your Class B & our Class C are included within that group -- and, therefore, are required to have belts &/or air bags, Class A's and other vehicles built on bare chassis (school buses in most states, public transit buses, fire apparatus, etc.) are not similarly required. These vehicles don't have air bags because the distance between dashboard / steering wheel and seat is too far for a rapidly deployed air bag to be effective in a collision meeting NHTSA's testing criteria. Also, unlike passenger vehicles where the steering wheel is primarily vertical, the steering wheel in these vehicles is closer to horizontal -- so a standard air bag deploying from the wheel center would be less effective. If you are so concerned about safety in these vehicles, ask why aren't school buses -- the vehicles transporting our future generations -- required by most states to have passenger seat belts? (Disclaimer - I worked for Chrysler - Sterling Heights and Highland Park, and GM - Ren Cen.)
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