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  1. When I bought my 2016, I was quoted a 7-yr service contract (it's not a warranty) for $7000. That included a $500 deductible per claim. So I figured if I had a total of 6 claims in those 7-years, my out of pocket would be $10,000. That, of course, doesn't include anything not covered which would incrementally be on my dime. Didn't make any sense to me to do anything but self-insure. That's a calculated risk worth taking. I don't know what our quote was, but if you maintain your coach well, the probability of the sky falling while you own it is pretty remote. On the other hand, if your piece of mind is worth $10K, then by all means. But I don't think it will pay back.
  2. My wife grew up in the South Shore area of Boston and I lived there for a few years myself, so we get back there frequently. We stay every time at Wompatuck SP in Hingham. It's 30 amp electric only, but water is available on each street and there is a dump station. You're only a short drive from the passenger ferry to downtown Boston, and about an hour or so drive south to the Cape, less so to Plymouth. The CG, while basic, is woodsey and very quiet. There are nice roads for biking. It's about as central as you are going to get to the Boston core area. We have a 37' Class A and have never had any issues getting around the CG. If you want a resort, this is not for you. Otherwise it will suite your needs nicely.
  3. Planning next year's late summer trip. Two possible stops are Wind Cave in SD followed by Ft. Robinson. One trip planner says take SD SR-71 south from Wind Cave to NE border where the route re-identifies to NE SR-2/71, eventually intersecting with US-20W to get to Crawford. Good Sam trip planner on the other hand states to take US-385 all the way to US-20. I drive a 36' Class A with toad. Does anyone have experience on the SR-71 route suggested above? Just curious why Good Sam Trip Planner wants no part of it. I have nothing in the settings that says to avoid that type of highway. Thanks in advance.
  4. Unfortunately, we had heavy rain showers when heading into Harrison and forecasted additional rain along RT-7 heading South, so chose not to drive the scenic route. We instead proceeded down US-65, which was a bit of a challenge in it's own right. Thanks to all for your inputs
  5. Well we are planning to go ahead and do SR-7 to Hot Springs. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Sorry for not including info on our MH. It is a 36' 2016 Tiffin Allegro 34PA (Ford F53 chassis with V10 with 6-speed Tow/Haul transmission). I have been driving Class A's since 2004 including mountains out West. The Tow/Haul feature on this transmission is very good especially for downhills, and as I said I will not be towing on this trip.
  7. Wanting to do the Arkansas scenic drive SR-7 southbound from Harrison to Hot Springs AR. I'll not be pulling a toad on this trip. RV Trip Wizard shows some elevation change and some switchbacks of sorts in the hills, but no other issues. Good Sam trip planner also does not indicate any avoidances to be concerned with. But the (new to me) Garmin RV770 wants nothing to do with SR-7 and refuses to let me go the length of the route without dragging me off. Would be nice to hear from anyone who has actually driven it to see if it's fine to drive it or not. It's supposed to be a beautiful highway and I'd sure like to drive it if it's not going to be an unnecessarily risky venture. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm purchasing a new MH and saw Voyager Credit Services listed in the in the RV Marketplace listings. Anybody use them? I can't find anything about them on the internet except for their website. BBB doesn't list them. Would be nice to find someone with some history with them. Thanks
  9. Good News... As reported last night on TDOT, "I-75 South Reopens to Traffic Following Rockslide in Campbell County" - See more at: http://www.tn.gov/tdot/news/38148#sthash.sP8af1ys.dpuf. NB schedule still remains on or before March 24, but at least getting there doesn't entail a detour around the rock slide area anymore.
  10. Saw a report today stating that SB is planned to reopen on March 17, and NB hopefully a week later in time for Easter.
  11. CORRECTIONS ON MY POST BELOW: With all of the Spring vacation travel down I-75, I really hesitate to get into the squeeze that the detour routes are going to present. Right now I am heading from Cincinnati to Louisville then south to Nashville and then back East on I-40 I-24 to catch I-75 again south of Knoxville at Chattanooga. That adds about 60 miles to the trip. Only other option I might consider is to take I-75 to Lexington, then get on US 27 South to catch I-40 to south of Knoxville. The hassle of driving the detour routes full of all that traffic will be worse than the delay itself. Then again, if the contractor can get the Southbound lanes open in time, we can forget the rockslide ever happened. Hoping for the last option.
  12. Ditto on the Rayzar Automatic Amplified HD TV Antenna. I purchased it last June at the FMCA GLAMARAMA Area Rally in Goshen, IN. Got a great installed price and have been very happy with it. Depending on your location, it's not going to give you blood out of a turnip, but if there is a digital signal in your area, it's going to give you the opportunity to watch some programing if that is what you want to do. I used it to replace the original antenna on my 2004 MH.
  13. I continue to use MS Streets & Trips with Windows 8.1 and it works fine for planning a trip. I do defer, however, to my GPS in the MH when on the road. But having the MS Streets & Trips to lay out a plan that I can then make reservations for and set driving segments & times, # of days in a location, etc. for me is extremely beneficial. I know some like to wing it and plan on the fly, but I don't have the luxury to do that at this point. My two cents...
  14. Fortunately my steps are not Kwikee. They are Lippert Coach Steps and they have performed pretty well for 10 years. I ended up fixing a loose wire issue when they stopped working. Like I said, I was lucky. Still would like to finding that wiring diagram for the under-step setup though.
  15. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I just haven't found it in my searches. There once was an electrical schematic glued to the underside of the steps in my Georgetown that no longer is there. The elements destroyed it long ago. Just so happens that a couple times now in the last year or so I've had a couple issues (slide inop, step inop, etc.) where removal and reinsertion of cables and fuses (not replacement) in the under-step battery and fuse location remedied the issues (thank goodness!). I've been lucky so far, but now realize I should have removed that schematic and saved it long ago. Too late for that now. I'm just hoping that someone else was more on the ball than me and did save it. If you did, can you scan and post it? Thanks.
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