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2016 was my first year as a full-timer, with my two cattle dogs.  I'm in my first RV - a 27' Class C FR Sunseeker. On any given day, I love it as my home or (in frustration) would gladly trade it in for a mule and saddle-bags. My first year out was spent traveling remote Canada. Then year two was the Pacific Norhtwest - WA, OR, ID, MT, Northern CA. 2018 is the Southwest, during all the hotter'n hades seasons when I should still be in the north. But the rocks and rivers, the breathtaking vistas and sunsets, are not to be missed. 

My first year I could boondock for 4-5 days before dumping, filling, and restocking.  Now - 2018 - I've moved to a 30' Winnebago Class A. I can boondock for nearly a month - national forests, BLM, national monuments - before I look and feel seriously feral.  Full-time on the road is the life that has called me since I was a child.  I'm glad I didn't wait until it was too late to cast off the fetters and drive.

In my first year I wrote a blog - sometimeslost.com.

Now I just live life, but I don't write much about it.

My blue heelers, Maya (left). August (right).



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