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  1. I need a new tv switch box one with a hdmi input for 3 tv. to many trees in the way can't see the forest. aviation Bob
  2. f432347

    check engine lt.

    have GRIMLEN in the dash! 05 Newmar Dutch Star. Cruse control kicks off, abs and check engine lt. comes on! At the rally Cummins said check with Spartan, Spartan said check with Newmar, Newmar said check with Cummins. At least we are getting somewhere. In about 1,000 miles this happens once or twice and goes back to normal after ten or fifteen minutes. Seams to me a sensor problem. Don't mind throwing parts at it, got to do something. Aviation Bob
  3. look up torque wrench conversion chart. AC 43-13 1A aircraft inspection and repair also has this formula. you need about a 3 ft extension on your torque wrench
  4. i replaced the motor in mine and with further investigation took it apart and found a design flaw. it had a magnetic brake so i weakened the spring and have a spare. planed to brake, the second one
  5. if you add 36 inch extension length to your torque wrench set your torque to 164 that will be 475 on the lug nut. ac 43-13 aircraft inspection and repair under torque wrench computations
  6. cruse control along with speedometer quit, abs and check engine light come on sometimes and go out. any body have this problem
  7. They also did mine. Just one thing to add: the slider blocks wear out fast, made of plastic. Make new ones out of micarda-- easy to do. Aviation Bob
  8. I am looking for the cheapest way to get TV and internet in my RV. I have Comcast TV phone and internet. I don’t relay want to have both cable and satellite. I am thinking of getting a smart phone if I can stream programing from Comcast. Can’t afford both either smart phone or satellite receiver, but I do have Comcast. What to do it is all so confusing. Please help grumpy grandpa. Bob Harper does the streaming from a cell phone tower get weaker the further you are from it? Will it buffer and take two hours to watch a one hour show can I pare a smart phone to my TV and watch all my xfinity programing as long as I am in a hot spot
  9. Dutch Star and I keep it full,to cut down on moisture
  10. You have to take the pulley off and install the new belt and pulley at the same time. Bad design having to take top and aft side off just to get to the rear of the gen. Check hose that runs by the belt, its probably cut too.
  11. 05 Onan 750 m/n hdkaj stops after 1 minute. Am leaning to temp sensor. Is temp sender the same thing located near the thermostat? 3 primary and 3 secondary fault codes, both blinking at the same rate. Bob in Fort Myers fl.Well here is the fix. changed thermastat and temp sensor located in thermastat housing. When I removed the temp sensor/sender the end of the sender broke off so I stufed a rag on a wireso not to loose it and drove the rest of it down into where my rag was and retreved the broken part. It seamed to be realy inpacted with yuck that had hardened and just the verry end of the sender was touching the watter. Maby disimiler metals caused this I don't know but it runs good know. Oh yeah changed lower hose to watter pump,don't recomend this to aney one, it's a BITCH
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