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  1. I run a free utility from BlueStacks that allows phone apps to run on my Win 7 machine. Try Google for them. Once you install it, you can download and run mobile apps. Your computer looks like a phone to them.
  2. I bought a slightly different size recently. I live in the metro Atlanta area and have many retailers to choose from. The best price I could find on Michelin XZE2 LR-G in 275/80R22.5 was in the low $500 range. Online I found them in the mid to high $400 range but shipping on 6 ran the price higher than my local sources. (shipping was free from some online vendors if you purchased 8 or more). I then contacted a Michelin dealer who was part of the FMCA program and was familiar with how it works. (several I talked to didn't) They could only estimate the price because the actual billing is handled by Michelin and the FMCA tire gods, but quoted a list of $870.23 minus the FMCA discount of $414.92, for a total of $455.31 ea. plus $25.23 FET. There was then state tax, tire disposal fee, new valve stems, balancing, alignment, etc. When I left their shop I had no receipt, just the estimate. They took my credit card info but didn't run it. To my surprise, a few days later I received documentation from FMCA that my credit card had been charged for the exact amount of the estimate. I think this was the best deal I could find, but the uncertainty about the billing process did give me some anxiety until the final bill arrived. My work was done at the Turbo Truck Center in Gainesville, GA. I increased the size from my original 255/80 XRV's and they were super nice in trial-fitting the new tires to be sure they would fit in the wheel wells without any clearance issues and the spacing between the duals would be sufficient. Now I just need to get my speedo calibrated for the new size tires. I was also worried that starting power might be adversely affected by the larger size, but that turned out not to be the case. I'm used to driving by the tach so I really have to watch my speed now. The reduced pressures for the same axle weight gives a smoother ride than the XRV's. (85 front - 95 rear vs the old 110 all-around) I also just feel safer driving it with the new shoes. It sure hurt to discard 12000 mile tires, but the 7 year age was worrying me, as were the cracks in the side walls on the sunny side. The dealer took the tires in exchange for the mounting fees. Guess who bought both 303 protectant and tire covers?
  3. When I click on "Manual" I get a message saying "There was an error downloading the manual. Please try again later." The same thing happens on another computer, so I doubt its a communications problem. Did you happen to get a link for the manual? I can't find a listing on their web site. ------------------------------------------------------------ ON EDIT: Success! I uninstalled and re-installed the software on both computers after finding a note on the net about a mis-print in the instructions included with the unit. The new installation now allowed me to register the unit through the TripMaker rather than the web site. Once I registered, after about 10 minutes the unit started working. It even went from only 2 satellites to an average of 9. Altitude and position now seem correct. I'm feeling much better about it now. Testing to come...
  4. I received my 7710 today. I am not impressed by my first few hours of working with it. The RVND software installation process for the computer was flawed. Without medium computer skills I don't think it would have been successful. When I finally got the install started, it gave me no choice of where to install or where the initial backup was to be created. Once installed, the registration process has failed multiple times. I finally went to the website to register, thinking maybe it would communicate the change to the GPS which was still connected, but so far no joy. After three hours there has been no auto-reply from the website about the registration. The RVND opening screen has a button which says updates are available, but selecting it brings up a message stating no updates are available. Then the button is greyed out. Same thing again upon reboot. I was hoping for at least as much success as the maker's video shows, but not so far. My office has windows to the east and south, but I get no 7710 GPS signals here. All of the other GPSs I've owned worked fine from my desk, as does a USB GPS receiver. I walked outside with it and it only indicates 3 satellites, my position is wrong by 3000 feet and the elevation is off by 800 feet. A big yellow card came with the unit warning that first time use could take 15 minutes to syncronize, but after an hour there's been no change. Another area of concern is the issue of updates. Some vendors are selling the unit with free upgrades for life. My vendor didn't mention it one way or the other. Now I see in the online manual faqs that when the current map expires you can purchase future map updates for a nominal fee estimated to be $89.00. If this is correct I'm ok with it, but it would have been nice to know upfront. Anyone here already been through this stage? Any tips? Tomorrow might be time for the part of technology I hate the most - calling tech support. As an early adopter of things new I have come to expect some pain, but it's not looking too good right now for this one. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. I just tried to call Tony Lacey at TurboTruckCenters and they told me he left their employ as of today? Anyone know what goes? If he is really gone, they have lost a good man.
  6. This might just be a shot in the dark, and probably too late for this trip, but try this link for parts for your machine. I had a similar model and found these parts to be a match. I don't know how these prices compare, but at least they are a reputable outfit. Sears Parts: Majestic washer/dryer combo parts Best of luck and don't let this bad experience ruin your trip!
  7. Many thanks to all who responded so quickly! I am now using the methods you described and it is working perfectly. As is the case of many of you, I belong to several "users groups" of subjects that interest me or ones where I think I can be a help to others. It is really hard to stay up-to-date on the little intricacies of each forum. Thanks again for your excellent responses.
  8. Is there a way to view only the posts made since my last visit? I know about the 'Today's Active Topics' link on the bottom of the main page and the 'View New Content' link at the upper right of the page, but I would like to go to one of my 'favorite' forums and only see the posts to that forum since my last visit if possible. In the help section it refers to 'View New Posts' link in the member bar at the top of each page. I haven't been able to find such a link, or I maybe don't know where the member bar is. If this feature is available would someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance...
  9. +1, no flak from me. It's the best. I've had mine work through moderate tree cover many times. I'd like to see a dome make that claim.
  10. I'm not familiar with your coach at all, but in my Gulfstream I must have the driver's seat all the way forward in addition to the things others have previously posted.
  11. Just one other caveat when using a Dish receiver or receiver/recorder. If you use an external hard drive for storage, it will only work if you have a satellite signal available. I stored gobs of programing on a drive before our last trip, just in case we were in an area where we couldn't get a signal or if there was bad weather. Turns out that a sat signal must be present for the external drive to function. The sat signal tells the receiver that its ok to use the drive, and without it the drive becomes just another weight to carry around. We have a Trav'ler and just love it. Multiple receiver support with dual tuners. Occasionally we park in a spot under trees where we can't receive a signal, but it works through branches that many other dishes won't. It is not as versatile as a portable but it sure is a lot easier.
  12. Thanks, guys. I have the latest Adobe Flash and a reasonably clean registry. I think 18 months of testing IE9 is enough. I'm taking your advice and going back to IE8. I still like keeping the alternative browsers around for times when IE isn't the best way to go.
  13. I don't know if this has been mentioned before. I searched and didn't find any complaints. This forum doesn't display correctly on my computers when using IE9. Safari and Chrome work just fine. I'm running Win 7 64 bit. When I view the "Topics" list or the "Forums" list, the display is fine. When I view an individual post, especially a post with long text lines, instead of wrapping the text within the boundaries of the window, the text just goes on and on off the right side of the screen. The only way I can view a post is by using the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom, and sliding it to the right. The text overruns the window sometimes by as much as 200%. The only posts that display correctly are those with short lines followed by "carriage returns". (guess I'm showing my age here) When I am posting, the wrap works correctly, even with long lines. As I resize the window the wrap point shifts to keep the text in view just as it should. Another problem I've noticed is that when clicking on my user name at the top right of the main forum page, a sub-menu appears below it as it should, but when lowering the cursor to one of the choices, the menu disappears. The only way I can reach the control panel is by using a bookmarked link. There are a few other anomalys, but not too severe. I have tried three computers running IE9 and they all work the same way. I don't think its a problem with the forum software, just an IE9 problem. Anyone thinking of "upgrading" to IE9 from a previous version should understand that newer isn't necessarily better. Certainly not in this case.
  14. Some of you have asked where to find a "Visited States" or "Visited Provinces" map for your signature or profile picture. These are the maps I am referring to: and... These maps are available at This web site. You can customize the maps to your liking and post them on the forum as a signature picture or a profile picture. If you need help with the posting process, it is covered in the help section of this forum. The folks supplying the map are quite generous to provide it for free. I see their maps in almost every RV forum I visit across the web. They are: Blue Sky iSolutions Another great source of the maps is EPGSoft The instructions for using either are about the same. These are the instructions from the Blue Sky Solutions website: Instructions: Check the states that you have visited, driven through, stayed in, rode through, you-name-it! After selecting the states that you have visited, select a map size, then click "Draw Map" to create your own customized map of visited states. Are you a recreational vehicle owner? Do you tour in your car or on your motorcycle or trike? Display where you have been on your website! Right-click on your customized map to copy the map, or save it to your hard drive. Then upload your customized visited states map to your own website, Facebook, or MySpace page. They offer three sizes and the one I use for my profile picture is the smallest one. You can create any map you want, but if you need to add a state at a later time, you must start over from scratch. Good luck!
  15. John, Here is the address for the map: Visited States map If you had just guessed the url you probably would have been right. It was kinda "hiding in plain sight" but I finally found it. There's no signup or ads to wade through. They offer three sizes and the one I use for my profile picture is the smallest one. You can create any map you want, but if you need to add a state at a later time, you must start over from scratch. Good luck! btw... It took a lot of searching these forums to find this map, so share it when you can.
  16. Thanks, Brett. I hadn't thought of asking the reason for the possible upgrade. I'll give them a call.
  17. I have a Gulfstream G7 with a Cat C7 350 engine, manufactured in 06/04. I'm the second owner and as far as I know, the engine has never had an ECM software upgrade. I have no complaints with it - it runs fine. My question to those of you who Cat engines, is should I take it in for an ECM upgrade or should I leave well enough alone? I am assuming (I know) that there have been upgrades in the last 6 years. What do you think?
  18. Whatever happened with the problem jmgrisby was having with no engine start after fuel filter change? I read three pages of his saga and then it just ended.
  19. Well, after Gary Bunzer's endorsement of the product, I sprang for the big bucks and got the Polychute and the extension hose. It may have been overkill, but I imagine this will be the only set I'll ever have to buy. I get quite a few questions about it probably because of it's bright tourquoise color and big shutoff valve. It does seem to draw attention, and even several conversations. Imagine that - conversations about sewer hoses! Isn't retirement great? I'm probably the only person I know who worries about his sewer hose being stolen. Go ahead - call me a fool, but I smile every time I use it.
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