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  1. We traveled to Alaska on a 60 day caravan with Adventure Caravans in 2012. The trip far exceeded our expectations. The itinerary allowed enough free time so that we could do what we wanted. The pace was just right. We saw many attractions that I would not have stopped for if we traveled by ourselves. We made lasting friendships that were a bonus. Likely we will travel by caravan again in the near futue. I hope that this helps!
  2. Hi Frank, I used the Remco pump installed on a 2004 Pontiac and towed it for 60,000+ miles with 1 failure at about 30,000 miles. We drove for the remainder of the day with the engine in the car running, called Remco and had a pump by 3:00PM the next day. Although I don't use the pump with my current toad (2012 Ford Edge AWD), I wouldn't hesitate if the vehicle required it. I hope that this helps!
  3. It is a rapid flicker. I have had the problem for about a week. Drove about 4 hours today and when initially hooked up to shore power the flickering lasted about an hour. Currently not flickering.
  4. 12v lights flicker only when plugged into 110v.
  5. 2001 Dynasty plugged into power and interior lights flicker. Originally noticed when just 1 fluorescent light was on. Turning multiple lights on minimizes the problem. Any ideas?
  6. djpauls

    Loss Of Steering

    While in the Cummins repair facility, I asked the service manager if he had seen any similar failures. He said that he had only seen 2 and they were vehicles that had many more miles than mine. Upon my return to Michigan I did an internet search and found that there were other instances and found a NHTSA recall ID# 01E011000 that specifically addressed the potential compressor failure and the consequence: "WITHOUT POWER ASSIST, THE VEHICLE BECOMES VERY DIFFICULT TO TURN AND COULD POSSIBLY RESULT IN VEHICLE CRASH." The recall date was 3/14/2001 and appeared to include my motorhome. I bought the vehicle used in 2006. The catastrophic compressor failure was sudden. The crankshaft within the compressor broke and the hole was in the compressor case. The air reserve held enough pressure for necessary braking control. To their credit, Cummins reimbursed me for all repairs. I had a very good discussion with a Cummins customer advocate and I am satisfied with their response. He went into a great deal of detail about the recall and the specific chassis that were included in the recall. My Roadmaster was not included in the recall. Their reimbursement to me was "Good Will." The part that seems not reasonable to me is that I could not turn the steering wheel at all. It was if it was mechanically locked. After the repairs, it steered normally. Currently it is in my "barn" and I have raised the front wheels off of the ground and can freely turn the steering wheel without the engine running and power assist. Any additional thoughts?
  7. djpauls

    Loss Of Steering

    On my return from Alaska last year my air compressor on my Cummins ISC 350 blew resulting in total loss of steering (the power steering pump runs off of the compressor). I could not physically move the steering wheel which caused a lot of excitement since I was traveling at 65mph at the time. Fortunately the steering was locked in the straight ahead position, the road was straight and there were no vehicles in my path. I did make it to the edge of the road by the time I stopped but I don't know if it was because of my efforts or the crown of the road. I shudder to think what might have happened at anytime over the previous month traveling the Canadian Rockies and Alaska. The air compressor is lubricated by engine oil. The 3 inch hole in the case resulted in a near total loss of engine oil before I shut it down. Fortunately there was no engine damage and thanks to the efforts of Coachnet and Cummins of Lloydminster, AB Canada I was on the road in 2 days. Prior to my trip to Alaska I installed a Blue Ox TruCenter Steering control. Over the many years that I have driven vehicles i occasionally lost power steering but was able to control the vehicle. My questions are: Does it seem reasonable that I had absolutely no steering control as a result of no power steering? Should further checks be made on the steering components? Any thoughts?
  8. I was an RV dealer for 20 years, have been a financial advisor for the last 21 years and my parents were full timers for 18 years and I helped them through all of the decisions that you need to make. If you haven't spent a lot of time with your spouse in close quarters you might want to "test the waters" before going full time. My wife and I just completed a 10 week trip to Alaska and our 38' motorhome kept getting smaller and smaller (my psychology degree helped with our coping skills). Consider renting or leasing your house until you are convinced that full timing is best for you. Don't underestimate repairs and maintenance. Consider working with a financial advisor to help you figure out if you can do it financially (obviously I am biased). You likely would have to interview several advisors before finding one that is experienced with this type of planning. Visit a FMCA convention and take advantage of their very well done seminars. You can learn a lot from the seminars and visiting with those attending the convention.
  9. 2001 Dynasty with Cummuns 350 ISC. Cooling system flushed and Extended Life OAT based coolant installed November of 2010. Coolant filter replaced with SCA dispensing filter October of 2011. Radiator replaced and 5 gallons of non-OAT based coolant used to top off system February of 2012. Cummins dealer added additional SCAs when serviced September of 2012. I realize that there are all sorts of things wrong with this picture but my question is when should I again flush and fill the system and should I continue to monitor for SCAs?
  10. We made the trip this summer. Traveled 10,200 miles with toad. Wouldn't be without the toad. Our caravan of 22 RVs was a great way to go for us. Plan on at mininum some stone chips. We had 4 in the MOHO windshield that were easily fixed. At least 3 others in our caravan planned on windshield replacement when they got home. My observation is the Protect a Tow provides very good protection. Some minor stone chips to the toad that were not even noticieable until we waxed it upon returning from our trip. I disagree with the previous post about visiting Chicken. We drove the "Top of The World" highway and it is as bad as represented but we were cautious. As long as you are not in a hurry and use common sense you will be OK. We did stay at River's Edge in Fairbanks and would recommend it. Because of the number of caravans making reservations I would think that planning ahead and making reservations would be a good idea. Enjoy your trip!
  11. We completed our Alaska trip with Adventure Caravans this year and had a fabulous time. Our caravan of 21 RVs included 12 motorhomes. All but one had a toad in tow. I towed a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with Remco lube pump and Protect-A-Tow for front end protection. I highly recommend the Protect-A-Tow. It seemed to provide the best protection of everything that I observed. Other than a few stone chips, nobody in our caravan had problems with their toads. The day before we were to travel the "Top of The World" highway, I observed a motorhome that had just made the trip towing a Jeep Wrangler with no front end protection. Both headlights and foglights were shattered and a side window was shattered. There were several stones piled on the hood. He obvioulsy took the road way to fast and had inadequate protection. We completed the same route the next day without incident. I would not make the trip again without a toad in tow.
  12. For what it is worth, I have towed a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix with the Remco pump for over 50,000 miles. I had a pump failure that was indicated by the warning light 3 years ago. Pump was overnighted to me and replaced. I delt with the new company on the replacement and they were very helpful. I also had a controller fail that was promptly replaced with an upgraded unit and have had no additional problems (just completed a 10,000+ mile trip to Alaska). I highly recommend the Remco pump.
  13. I have towed a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, 4 wheels down, Roadmaster tow bar and Remco lube pump. Just completed a 10,000 mile trip to Alaska with no problems. I have towed this car over 50,000 miles with 2 control panel failures (now upgraded) and 1 replacement pump.
  14. After reading Butch39's response I decided to do some more research. The tech who changed the radiator assured me that the fluid was not Dexron 3 even though the owner's manual and Monaco tech service claimed it was. I checked the build date of the chassis 2/23/2000 (12 years ago tomorrow). Apparently Monaco changed to Dexron 3 sometime after my coach was built. New filters ordered and will top off with AW 46 hydraulic fluid before my next trip. Thanks to all for your help!
  15. I just viewed another video of a motorhome fire that originated in the refrigerator area. My refer is 12 years old and with the exception of replacing some electronics 6 years ago (circuit boards and wiring looms) my Norcold has performed very well. Recalls have been performed. I am planning a 10 week Alaska tour this summer and then will likely update to a newer motorhome. Should I be concerned?
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