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  1. No, the tech is referring to charging the batteries. He clearly said that the reason the house batteries are not being charged when plugged into shore power is because our inverter was turned on.
  2. Update: We had the house batteries load tested Monday 12/3 and the batteries tested good. We have been on shore power (uniterrupted) since Monday. We checked the house batteries plugged into shore power today 12/6. Plugged into shore power House batteries 14.38 Unplugged from shore power (waited 30 min) House batteries 12.24 The RV tech said this is normal and it is because we have the inverter turned on. He turned the inverter off. He said the interverter should only be turned on when driving with the generator off. He said he would check it tommorow at noon. I've never heard that you have to have the inverter turned off in order to charge you house batteries. When I questioned the tech he said it's because it is a new inverter/charger and the insides are different than they were in our old inverter/charger eventhough it is the exact same model. Does this sound valid?
  3. The house batteries voltage on each battery was reading around 6.15. In order to load test the batteries, they needed to be at 6.3. We placed the external battery charger on them to get a full charge and then took them to the battery shop and they came out to the car and tested the voltage then they load tested them with a bigger machine (180-200 amps). Each one tested good.
  4. Thanks Rich. Batteries were load tested today and are good.
  5. Thanks Kay. Not looking for a perfect reading. There is an issue with voltage readings when plugged into shore power and on house batteries when unplugging from shore power. Batteries were load tested today and are good.
  6. Voltage readings from yesterday after we test drove the MH. ENGINE ON/Generator OFF House 13.58 Chassis 13.70 GENERATOR ON/Engine OFF House 13.54 Chassis 13.53 Plugged into Shore Power (waited 2 min) Outside Tempertature 65 House 14.50 Chassis 14.49 Plugged into Shore Power (waited 7 hours) Outside Temperature 52 House 13.77 Chassis 13.79 The house batteries are charging when we drive the MH. Once we are plugged into shore power we always get high voltage readings and then after being plugged into shore power for more than 24 hours the voltage on the house batteries drops when we unplug from shore power.
  7. We were waiting because my dad has a dislocated shoulder and letting it get better before he had to lift anything heavy/use his arm. We had the house batteries tested today at Batteries Plus. Each battery had a full charge and each one tested good.
  8. We took the house batteries to Batteries Plus and had them load tested. Each one tested perfect.
  9. The battery water level is good, batteries are new. We did not have any heavy loads. If batteries check out good, what could cause this? We pulled over at a rest stop and checked house and chassis with the engine is running, generator on, one AC on. House reads 14.14 and chassis reads 14.22. Volt meter on dash is good so far while driving.
  10. Checked house and chassis batteries plugged into shore power. Temp outside is 68 and sunny. House is 13.80 Chassis is 13.80 Checked house and chassis unplugged from shore power 25 min later. House is 12.37 Chassis is 12.70 We have been on shore power for 72 hours uninterrupted. We are going to test drive MH.
  11. Thanks Rich. We did not have a remote sensor on our other inverter/charger either but we had normal readings 13.2 range. Plan on checking the voltage tomorrow. It will be sunny/warmer and see if there is a change.
  12. Attached is the battery charger voltage settings based on the type of battery. It shows if the temp is 60 the FLOAT would be 13.7. Is this correct?
  13. We only have a rocker switch inside the MH to turn the inverter on/off. We do not have the Freedom Remote Control Panel or Link installed. There is a manual for the Freedom Remote Control Panel or Link but I do not have that and do not see it on the Xantrex website to download. I downloaded the Xantrex Manual. I do not see info in the manual about programming/setting dip switches. I see info on the battery technology and how to set what type of battery you have and ours is programmed for wet cell.
  14. There is a gray cord plugged into the TSC (temperature sensitive charging). Looked in the manual to reprogram for HOT ambient temperature and didn't find any info. How do you reprogram for HOT ambient temp? Inverter/charger pic attached.
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