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  1. We are currently on the Blue Ridge Parkway staying at the Roanoke Valley Campground and we are the only ones in the RV part. There are probably only one or two in the tent camping part!! We have driven the Parkway from Linnvelle Falls(just past Asheville) and have found it to be challanging. Narrow road, slow speeds(25-35) and you Must keep your eyes forward. Lots of low tree limbs, some scraping, some hitting our vent covers. ABSOLUTLY breath taking views. We only stayed in Blue Ridge campgrounds and found them plenty big enough for our 32' Winnebago Voyage. We tow a car and the roads are mostly smooth. We are staying 3-5 days(all dry camping) at each campground along the way. Go slow, take lots of pictures, keep a journal and press on.
  2. We recently quit AT&T, after 8 years, and switched to Verizon (with the help of our 20's son) and purchased two Droid phones. Our son directed us to PDANet and we found a plan to tether our Droid to the laptop so we could use the Internet when we have cell coverage. This new technology (to Us) is amazing. We paid 18.95 (a year) instead of the 25(a month) verizon charges. For the gadget guy/gal its fun. For the regular guy/gal you have to swipe and tap before you answer the phone We bought the Unlimited Data plan instead of the air card(5gig limit). Using the internet does not apply to our minutes used for talking. A bit pricey but you have direct unlimited access. As we found, traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, the service is only as good as the reception. Small price to pay for the Beauty of our Big Country. Wherever you get a 3g signal you get internet. BTW its easier on the eyes and fingers to be able to use the internet on the laptop as opposed to reading and tapping the phone screen
  3. LjLaursen----Can you take a photo of your tow shield setup and share it with us.
  4. Ouch......Today I toad our Subaru nearly 50 miles with the parking brake on......I'm lucky that I only stretched the Brake cable..
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