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  1. The new issue of FMCA's Family RVing shows a picture of a torque multiplier in the article about Road Trip Tools. I've always been skeptical about just driving on lug nuts with an impact driver without actually torquing them so I've been considering one of these but don't have a lot of info on them. Most Amazon reviews I've read are pretty mixed regarding quality. I like the setup shown in the article but they failed to mention any info about the manufacturer or where one can be purchased. Any info or personal experience is appreciated.
  2. Big state. Can you narrow it down a bit?
  3. To answer your question, I leave the firearm in the car. It's not that I concerned about safety when aboard a military installation, although maybe I should be. It's the transit to and from through various unknown neighborhoods that I'm concerned about. I get in my RV that has my legal weapon inside and travel to another state. Because I choose to do that I am not allowed to enter a military installation because the weapon is in my current residence that I'm driving. What about my right to possess a firearm during the transit? Must I leave it at home in Florida if I want to use an RV park in Texas? There is actually a way to get permission but the Navy and several other services have chosen to ignore it. It's Section 4 of DOD Directive 5210.56 Dtd 11/18/2016 and approved by Robert O. Work, Deputy Secretary of Defense. There are several military installations that allow firearms during hunting season and many have shooting ranges where authorized patrons are allowed to bring their firearms aboard to enjoy the range. As far as I know there hasn't been any blood battles in the streets because of that. Many choose to ignore the restrictions by practicing "don't ask, don't tell". I don't think my 30 years of service personal honor should be compromised because I want to exercise my rights. What would that teach my grandkids when they know I lied at the gate?
  4. One other point I must make. The very place that houses the original Constitution of the United States doesn't honor everything that it contains. That's one heck of a statement about our current situation!
  5. That's your choice Wayne. You have the right to either exercise your right to keep and bear arms or not. We all took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, the whole thing, not just parts of it that are PC these days.I remember when the exchange sold guns and ammo and several of my shipmates had a gun in their vehicle while at work because they were going hunting after they got off. We didn't change.... Society changed. I choose to exercise all of my rights. As a result of that choice I have to forfeit privileges earned by serving 30 years active duty. I haven't used a fire extinguisher in my entire life other than during a training class but I have no intention of traveling without one and I don't believe I should have to lie about having one in my RV just to use the facilities aboard a military installation. One wrong turn in a strange place could put anyone in a bad situation. I just don't like leaving my options at home.
  6. Not to come off as too negative but I mostly stay clear of the RV facilities aboard military bases. Not because they aren't great, they are, but because of the restrictions that prohibit firearms. Although most don't do a physical check some, like NAS Jacksonville, FL, ask if you have any weapons when you come through the gate. They've never asked me about that when I come in driving my car, just when driving the RV. It just bothers me to be forced to lie just to take advantage of some great facilities.
  7. We went there last year. Although I'm a Vietnam veteran my tour was on the Ranger so we spent most of our time in the Tonkin Gulf. I can understand your feelings because the Yorktown definitely brought back a flood of memories for me. As soon as we walked up and entered the hangar deck the smell alone brought back memories. I didn't serve on the Yorktown but my first ship, the Hornet, was just 4 numbers away from her. Walking through the various compartments and seeing the old canvass racks was like being 17 again. The burger we had in the galley was a heck of a lot better than the sliders of yesteryear! This 68 year old man definitely felt the pain when going up and down the many ladders. I even managed to hit a couple of head and knee knockers that made me laugh as I felt the pain. I want to go back again some day to look at the places we didn't get to.
  8. For anyone asking the feds to take over the fishing industry... Please seek psychiatric help immediately!!!!
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