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  1. In the Feb issue Ray Scroggins, F343096 had an article about using a Verizon Wireless card that doesn’t need to be plugged into the computer letting both him and his wife to access both laptops. What do I look for (model, etc.). What service do I need. Thanks , Bill (F410575).
  2. Thanks for your replies, I'm more interested in their mechanical reliability.
  3. I would like opinions of the 2011 Chevy Colorado as a tow vehicle and it's dependability.
  4. I emailed a Nissan dealer about purchasing a 4X4, manual transmission. The following is an email I received from a Nissan Dealer: Good morning Bill, I have done some research since receiving your e-mail yesterday. Unfortunately Nissan does not offer a Frontier with a manual transfer case. They do come with a manual transmission. Nissan does not recommend flat towing even with a manual transmission. I would love to earn your business but not at the expense of not being honest with you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your vehicle needs. Best, Next, I emailed Nissan Corp, regards FMCA recommendations: this their response: September 2, 2011 File # 7254532 Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc. Please be advised that the FMCA information is correct; it’s the Automatic transmission that cannot be towed with all wheels on the ground. File # 7254532 has been created to document this concern. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-647-7261 with any further questions or comments. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service. Sincerely, Nissan North America, Inc. Beverly Ann H. Liwag Consumer Affairs Representative Nissan Consumer Affairs Next I ask about Remco recommendation, according to Remco it must be, "4wd with a "manual transfer case" AND a manual transmission may be safely towed". And their answer: Thank you for contacting Nissan North America, Inc. In regard with your concern, Consumer Affairs department relies on our Nissan dealers to provide any sales and technical information. We advise you to call or visit the sales department of the Nissan dealer where you plan to purchase the vehicle. File# 07254532 has been created to document your inquiry. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-647-7261 and reference your file number. Thank you again for contacting us and allowing us the opportunity to be of assistance. Sincerely, Nissan North America, Inc. My response: So what you are saying is that Nissan consumer affairs does not know their product enough to advise me. The dealer has said it cannot be towed (manual transmission). This means I have been put out of the market. Maybe you could have your tech dept contact me with good info? I am awaiting response also from Remco. They advise only towing with manual transfer case and it appears Nissan (2011)only comes with auto/transfer case? Anyone towing the above vehicle?
  5. I just finished reading the September 2010 FMC magazine article about Columbia ("Columbia: Gem of the Mother Lode") and it brought back memories of my being there in 1945 for the state park dedication. Several years ago my wife and I were having a drink at the City Hotel and the bar manager told me he had worked there for many, many years. When I mentioned that I was there for the dedication he was amazed since he had never met anyone that attended the dedication. FYI, they are still finding gold in the area.
  6. Received our new washer from Whirlpool today! Squeeky wheel gets the grease....
  7. Totally mistaken, not included. Just discounted price if I want PA.
  8. I received a free membership at the time to PPA (I think).
  9. I received my package from FMCA when I joined several months ago, but I don't remember getting a seperate card for Passport America. Now that it is travel time, do I get a separate card for the RV parks, or is the FMCA card all I need?
  10. Anyone know model # that they would recommend for GE or LG stackable washer?
  11. Have been having trouble with our Whirlpool washer for almost 2 yrs. Practically from day one. Have had servicemen from Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, work on washer and sometimes only give advise. One of the servicemen finally showed us how to reboot unit. Sometimes it takes several times to get it up and working. Whirlpool did extend the warranty once, since the problem had not been resolved. Following is my email to Whirlpool and their returned comments: We purchased a Motor Home June 25 2008 and began having problems with our washer soon after purchase, stopping during spin cycle. About the 3rd service call the repair man explained how to reboot the machine. We had machine serviced under warranty in Minden NV, Island Park ID, and Phoenix AZ. Warranty was extended once. We are still experiencing the same problem. It would seem only reasonable that the machine should be replaced after this much aggravation. Not only will it not be replaced, but warranty has been terminated. This after repairs have been to no avail. Very disappointed in product and your company. Thank you for visiting the Whirlpool web site. We appreciate hearing from you. We are sorry for the issues you are having with the Whirlpool washer, which is past the manufacturer's warranty. However, because we truly value you as a loyal customer and as a goodwill gesture, we will be pleased to send you any parts needed at 50% off the original cost. Please ask the service company which parts they recommend, then call us at 888-222-8608, informing us which parts need to be ordered. We will then reduce the price 50%, and the rest of the cost will be put on a credit card furnished by the consumer. You are a valued Whirlpool customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this washer concern may have caused. My response: To my knowledge, all serviceable parts have been replaced. I cannot see any value in your offer, especially after 8+ service calls. I don't believe my spending time and money on another service call would be to any avail. I will however post on several RV forums your past service and new offer. Their response: Thank you for your reply. We apologize that we have not been able to fully meet your expectations. My response: I don't believe you have met your obligations, I assumed I was purchasing a product that would work. CC: Whirlpool Tiffin Motor Home RV net FMCA Woodalls Good Sam Coach Net
  12. I have electric and would rather have ordered my coach with HWH. Have had to have readjusted once and Tiffin Motor Homes has discontinued the electric jacks on thier new MH's.
  13. Have been to most of those places and will be heading out to Alamagordo, Santa Fe, Denver, couple of months in Dillon Mt., fishing, than on to Ore and a good seafood dinner. Nothing like good health, retirement, and travel. Have lots of fun, and welcome to our world.
  14. Years ago and with a much smaller RV, (30’) we traveled without a tow vehicle. We found that we missed a lot of scenic stops do to our size. This is one of the major reasons we have a toad. Another reason is hooking and unhooking the RV from the campground to grocery shop, and explore. Would never leave home without it. Mc (full timer)
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