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  1. +1 on this. I just bought a 2021 Phoenix Cruiser on the E450 chassis with this lovely archaic radio...I have been told the manufacturer is working with Garmin for a solution. I see at least two other brands that sell on this chassis (Coach house and Entegra) that claim to have the real deal. TO your point the connections have to exist into this widely used chassis platform and steering wheel controls. Very frustrating.
  2. With Visible, does anyone know if you can put the SIM card in a brick or Verizon compatible IPAD or must you use a phone?
  3. Hi Doc - we’ve been corresponding on IRV2 also. I’m starting to feel like the Ranger options are better and more expandable than the Wineguard. Would appreciate your recommendations on same. You seem to be the most knowledgeable person I’ve found on all of these boards. Maybe I don’t need a roof top unit...but it does instinctively seem like a good idea. However roof top means harder wiring and harder to change or upgrade. Any thoughts? I can see us wanting to use IPAD wireless, maybe a brick wireless and then any local WiFi depending on where we are. I have a bit to learn on how to manage the load balancing. Thanks
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