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  1. I have independent running, brake & turn lights added inside my rear lights, but also when I activate my aux brakes the vehicles brake lights come on. In my case (a Jeep Grand Cheroke) my key is turned off and removed the brake lights still function on the tow. In the newer tow vehicles it is recommended that you don't tap into the brake light circuit because of the computer systems. By putting another bulb in the rear light housing and wiring it directly to the coach lighting circuit in the wiring harness you avoid computer problems
  2. We have been using the Holland Grill Companion for about 10 years. It does a great job with one exception, when doing a steak or hamburg you don't get the "griilled" browning effect. We recently bought a Coleman Road Trip for doing steaks and hamburgs and have had no problems with it. The Holland can do a whole chicken in 45 minutes. We also have a larger Holland at home and I can do a 15 lb turkey in 3-31/2 hours and it is very moist (as if done in an oven) The thing behind the Holland is that you have no flare ups as it uses indirect flame. We also have a 20 lb portable tank that hooks to both grills. Our Coleman is the blue Road Trip that can be used on the stand or on a table.
  3. I don't think Garmin makes this unit. I think Magillian does. Have not tried either the 55XX or 77XX because they are so new and the 77XX came out pretty quickly after the 55XX.
  4. Six years ago we moved to East Tennessee from VA. There are alot of people from Ohio who have moved here also. No income tax, no personal property tax, low registration fees for RVs (Coaches- $24/yr, trailers-$50 for a permanent plate), and the cost of living is reasonable. not sure on the differences on health insurance.
  5. Some Winnebago models have a switch that "kills" power to the front TV when the ignition switch is turned on. Winnebago tech support is usually very helpful.
  6. We normally do not have a problem using the chassis a/c. When we stop to eat I turn on the gen and house a/c to keep the coach cool for our Golden Retiever.
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