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  1. Yes, a brief one... I left on a 45-day boondocking adventure, and the battery system worked just fine. Due to the angle of the sun, my solar panels didn't charge as much as I'd hoped, although I never fell below 40% SOC. I did run the generator a few times, but more for my own peace of mind than any actual need to recharge the batteries. I have portable solar panel I also used, but same performance limitations as those on the roof. The solar did charge, of course, but without the generator, probably would have ended up at 70-80% SOC. Overall, I was pleased with the system, and I'm sure it will perform better as the season changes.
  2. Thanks, Kay, just what I was looking for
  3. Not s much help as I'd hoped for... doesn't matter what was "on"... was just hoping to better understand what each measure was telling me
  4. I need some guidance in how to read the attached Victron 712 pic, and associated Solar... thanks!
  5. Planning to do some travelling in 2021, a few days here, a week or two there, and technology affords me the opportunity to receive and pay bills online for the most part... but, when I will receive physical mail, using a service such as Escapees, or Good Sam, would seem to require me to be settled in for a longer period, to make sure I get the mail I'm expecting... Do RV parks accommodate such services when, for example, your stay is an extended one, say, a month? Can one have mail sent "General Delivery" to and be held by a local Post Office for pick-up? If so, how long will they hold it? I can imagine that when one knows where one is headed, and when, one can arrange for mail to sent ahead of time, for retrieval when I arrive, but for those of us who travel on the fly, fluidity is key when a specific date one would arrive isn't yet known... Is such a dilemma easily handled? Or will I encounter a challenging issue here?
  6. Perhaps this would be helpful, Joe... In my OP, I noted that I was considering replacing my flooded batteries with Lithiums, and I was deep into the research process, attempting to glean ideas and knowledge from this, and one other forum's members... I decided a month ago to pull the trigger, and my service tech suggested removing the factory battery tray to make more room, as the Lithiums were just a bit too long for the existing tray. That worked beautifully, for he built a tray that would accommodate the Li's, and in addition, he also installed a Victron 712 Voltmeter, AND a Solar Controller with sufficient capacity to meet and well exceed any additional panel requirements. My setup meter inside the cabin did not have a Lithium battery option, so, after calling Newmar (I have a 2017 Ventana LE), the tech had me hold while he called Magnum, and then brought that tech online, who was more than helpful in advising the setup... and for the edification of those with similar systems, here's the recommendation... The Magnum rep recommended setting the battery type to "CC/CV" at 14.4 volts, with a max charge time of 2 hours (30 min. per battery). He then recommended unplugging the battery temperature sensor and simply let it hang loose. That's it. No need to replace the charger with a "Lithium-capable" unit. So, I followed his instructions, and will monitor the status for a while to assure his recommendations were valid, and effective. Since doing so, it's been cloudy, a bit overcast, and with the sun low in the sky after making these changes, it hasn't charged but in the fractions, so, gotta wait for more sun. I have it plugged into a 50A outlet, and after 30 minutes, SOC went from 50% to 62% at 97 amps, and 1300 watts. It's forecast to rain today, and the skies are gray, and getting ready for an excursion in a few days, I wanted to be sure the bank was fully charged, while monitoring the process on the way up... I'll keep you posted... got some boondocking in my immediate future...
  7. Considering the geography, Quartzsite doesn't appear to have the most scenic views, but snowbirds flock there regardless... Never been there, but soon will be heading to Bourse to meet up with a friend who HAS been there a few times... maybe he has poor taste? Will find out soon!
  8. No, it seemed more like and "off-the-cuff" discussion, and was short... they're coming... but what, when, how much weren't offered...
  9. Given the amount of time I've had on my hands this year - as have so many others of us - I've spent a lot of time thinking about ways I can improve my RV experience. As a result, one of my goals is to improve satellite reception... Being relatively new to the lifestyle, when I bought my Class A, I wanted to extend my Dish at home to the RV, and so, it seemed the Winegard Trav'ler Satellite Dish was a great option... put it on the roof, always there, lots of good features, including the capture of 3 different satellites... But a few times I've been in an RV park, it's been at a site with trees that block my ability to get a signal... and in hindsight, I wonder if I didn't make a mistake with the Trav'ler, instead of something portable, to make it easier to place it where I CAN get a signal... Do RV'rs prefer the portable approach, or, for those with a Sat dish on top, do they also have a portable version for those times the Trav'ler can't get a signal? And if so, how and where do you connect it to your system? I have an external cable port, but am sure that wouldn't work for a satellite dish... so what are people doing to address this?
  10. Hmmm... I thought there would be a lot of response to this...
  11. I've replaced my Zamp controller with a Victron
  12. After further review, decided to remove the tray to make room for 4 Battle Born 100Ah to replace the current flooded bank. My service guy says doing so results in enough room for 8-10 total of these, and he can easily place these in a secured way. New Li's arriving at service center tomorrow, excited to complete the process (install of Victron 712 Voltmeter w/Bluetooth, and Victron 100/50 Controller). Once completed, will review adding 2 more solar panels (current 480W / 3), though it seems I have enough capacity to leave well enough alone. Figure 30A/day for power needs, have a 2K Inverter/charger, Li capable.
  13. Thanks, Richard5933... learned this one early on. New controller will handle up to 100A, a target I'm certain I will never reach, unless I can find - and afford - a 100 foot RV!
  14. Had a conversation with a tech at BB this morning, and learned they have a few new entries on the calendar... not out yet, but soon to be introduced is a 250 Ah version, and a bit further down the road are low temp versions they're very excited about... these, I'm told, are designed to accomodate those who spend time on the ice, like ice fishing. Im also told that they chose 250 Ah design because this was closest to the average number of batteries people tend to acquire. Exciting stuff!
  15. Well, my MH is in the shop to have a new Victron 712 Voltmeter installed, along with a new Victron 100/50 Solar Controller. Lithium batteries (4 Battle Born 100Ah) should arrive by end of week. According to my service guy, we'll have to remove the battery tray to fit them in, but according to him, it's not necessary, leaves bunches of room for additional batteries (did he say up to 10 in all? He said it was a waste of good usable space!), and is easy to secure them from unwanted movement. All this is in preparation for anticipated dry camping which, fortuitously, is NOW planned for 2021 and beyond... I'm estimating my power needs at 30A, which includes some wiggle room for unanticipated energy needs, and it would seem I have enough solar capacity (480W on the roof, and one portable 120W) to handle my charging needs, but I'm still considering adding some wattage... Solar's pretty affordable per Watt, and I have plenty of room up top, but it's probably my ego driving this. More capacity could mean greater opportunities... naw... it's probably the ego thing... but if you have a different theory, I'd be obliged to hear it by bringing you fuel if you ever run out!
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