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  1. I'm on Medicare and pay ZERO each month for a supplemental plan called an ADVANTAGE PLAN. My RX costs me $4 a month on the plan, thru Walmart pharmacy. Different states and counties have different plans to choose from. Check it out where you live... https://health.usnews.com/medicare
  2. I am well pleased with the plan in every way. It did take some effort to get it set up (one day), but absolutely no issues since. $49 a month for 25GB... what a deal. That's $2 a GB.... dirt cheap internet. I can type up the info of what I had to do to get setup, if anyone needs it.
  3. I bought the Blue Ox brand for my CRV. I got the lowest price's on eBay and Craigslist.
  4. Flat tow is the way to go ...
  5. The plan is simple.... it's like putting gas in your car, you buy $20 and when it runs out you buy more gas or walk. $2 a GB is dirt cheap internet in my book. I like the plan.
  6. I became a member and got my Verizon hotspot plan all in one-half day. I am well pleased, it is fast here and works perfect. Exact details are posted in the RV Internet to Go/Staying in Touch section of the forum. Thanks for the good internet deal.
  7. I went to the Verizon store with my form that I got from FMCA, and I had to have my drivers license and a FMCA MEMBERSHIP CARD too. I did not have the membership card as I just joined this morning, so I called FMCA membership services and they emailed me a card in a few minutes. Then, the Verizon guy scanned my membership card into his computer and then it went right through and I was approved. His computer showed the unlimited deal, but the rate was $90 a month. So, he told me to call Verizon and the lady changed the rate to $49 whatever in a few seconds. I paid my ONE CENT for the hotspot, turned it on and it connected immediately... then left the store.
  8. I joined FMCA this morning, headed to the Verizon store, and had my unlimited hotspot in a few minutes. I paid just one cent for a new hotspot... amazing. The plan works great! Thanks FMCA
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