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  1. found a FMCA plaque, # 483576 in Tucson, just incase you are still around
  2. thanks, good reasoning,,,,
  3. having trouble on the road from NE. to NV. trying to find a place to work on my seneca was really hard, every place I called and was on the freightliner web site, did not work on motor homes, so if someone says that anyplace that works on freightliner will work on your freightliner motorhome, please correct them, from TA's to Petro, to Flying J's, nope not one would have anything to do with our coach, would not ever sell me tires
  4. well I thought I did specify a seneca, Cummings engine, it is a 2018, and the rear tires are not coming off the ground, I figured they were the park axle
  5. With the Seneca it drives dam good, and compared to the coachman we had, it drives like a Mercedes comparatively, to a Volkswagen, of coarse anything could be better 👍
  6. Does anyone use chocks for the back wheels to keep the coach from moving when it comes off the leveling jacks, mine makes all kinds of racket because there is no air in the e brake tank to keep it stable and not move, thanks
  7. they closed the forum for a while, I thought that is what I pay a yearly fee for, to keep up and to ask questions to people who might have a answer for info or problems I might have, at least that is why I joined
  8. mainly because that is why they are pushing electric vehicles, to be so called carbon free, why else, and affordable is neither here nor there, some companies said they will be totally electric by a certain date, with the controlling party telling them this is the rule, no matter how affordable they are, you will never see them made totally without oil, either in manufacturing or usage,
  9. very true, it is a great thought, but quite impossible,
  10. to me, charging a vehicle using the same products they are trying to get away from is a little ludicrous, everything that turns uses oil, from wind mills, to electric driven motors, for me I will use oil till they find a way not to charge with it or create power with out it
  11. I guess if your OK with it, that is your right,
  12. no one said it had to be taken over by the feds, just like the drivers license, the feds also have some control over everything
  13. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/pet...icense-seniorsI do not know if this is a big issue with anyone else but, I like to fish, and could not afford to buy a non resident license in every state I travel to, just in case your interested.
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