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  1. Thank you. I will return to the dealership tomorrow. I will use this information as well as some I researched. Much appreciated.
  2. This is the dog that never dies. I read that electric steering needs to be activated on this forum. If someone has that information as published by Mopar it will be most helpful. ***After the install of MOPAR additional wiring harness MOPAR part number 68321424AD. i had two additional wobble events I spent 2 hours at my local Jeep dealer today, 12.2.2020. I met with the install mechanic, shop supervisor, plus two others. None of the four know what the new wiring does. The shop supervisor believes it has something to do with ABS Braking system. Not steering activation. My Jeep does not have activated steering following this installation. The shop supervisor researched what this part does and come up with nothing on the shop computer. He printed the install instructions thinking it would provide how it worked, what it does, and came up with no answers.
  3. A short up date. The wiring harness did not fix my wobble. We made a short club meetup trip of one hundred miles. Wobble occurred once going and again on the return. I am down to having the Jeep front end checked for worn parts. This seems a rat hole with no end. I now realize I could have made a better choice for at tow able vehicle.
  4. Tail wagging the dog. If you tow four down; Jeep Cherokee years 2014, 15, 16, and 17 have an issue with deactivated electronic steering. The fix is an additional wiring harness, MOPAR part number 68321424AD. Cost install including part is around $500 USDs. I thought my RV was the cause. Through this process I installed front shocks in Michigan, Had front end components and alignment checked at Denver Spring and Suspension, nothing found. Near San Antonio a Roadmaster Steering Stabilizer for Class A Motorhomes was installed. Two additional wobbles occurred following the steering stabilizer install. A story in July 2016 Motorhome issue titled, "Jeep Cherokee Wobble" included the fix. Over the 10k miles traveled this summer Death Wobble occurred seven times. I saw the Jeep wobble in my dash camera but thought the RV was causing it. So the tail was wagging the dog! Other than the 7 wobbles, a 5/8 pin gave way permitting the tow hitch to fall while going over the Rocky mountains near Dillon. Flagstaff to Mesa a spark plug blew out of the V-10 engine. A rock crack in the Jeep windshield. My generator exhaust broke into. Icing on the cake is a ticket for failure to use my turning signal in Marquette, Michigan when driving my tow car. RVing is not for the faint of heart! Thank each of you for your input. I am uncertain what is posted below. Hopefully it does not interfere with this posting.
  5. 73 yrs old and never heard of Death Wobble. Where have I been. In 2 months of travel I experienced 7 Death Wobbles. 2 occurred after installing Roadmaster Steering Stablizer. Front inspection by Denver Spring and Suspension found nothing. Alignment is good. No adjustments needed, no defects found. I will have a local shop reinspect the front end. If nothing is found I will move on to tire balancing. I tow four down however I changed from a light weight vehicle to a Jeep Trail-hawk. The only change since my last outing. Does towing four down have any steering effects, push, pull, that may be a causal factor? Thank you each for your input.
  6. Home now. I will have a local shop check the king pins. According to Denver Spring and Suspension they are good. A second opinion is in order. Two death wobbles occurred after installing Roadmaster Steering Stabilizer for Class A motorhomes.
  7. My unit has never had a damper. I ordered a Roadmaster steering stabilizer. Denver Spring and Suspension checked the front end with no negatives. Also checked alignment, no adjustments needed. Oddly the fourth time Death Wobble struck was exiting in Denver for my front end inspection. Dillion, CO to Frutia, CO to Bluff, UT to Williams, AZ no front end events. Next move is Williams to Usery Mountain where five nights stay will permit hitch change out. The hitch came out of the receiver hitch dropping to the highway surface when coming down the rocky mountain western slope. Slight damage to my tow only because SMI did not provide a controller on the dash. Had I used my old Blue Ox I could have radio braked my tow to keep it from running into my RV as I slowed to the shoulder. The brake away cable pulls the length or more than my tow cables so no setting of brakes there. Most likely lucky it did nothing. Saving grace here is an RVer in the left lane recognized my issue and held traffic while I guided off the right shoulder on to a truck brake check point. Thank you whomever you are! And Thank each of you for your input. Very kind of you. Safe travels.
  8. Thanks to each of you. Happy to get expert guidance. Any one have a recommendation for front end work at Thornton, North Denver? I can google search however if you have had a positive experience the advice would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you. I appropriate your response. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/what-you-should-know-about-the-ford-super-duty-death-wobble/
  10. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/what-you-should-know-about-the-ford-super-duty-death-wobble/
  11. Googled, Death Wobble, and it sounds right. I will have the front end checked near Denver.
  12. Interesting thought. Cause? I guide my RV where I wish to stop without steering wheel jerking left and right. I am not loaded differently than other trips. More thinking then locate a front end specialist near Denver. Thank you for your response.
  13. Three times a sever harmonic oscillating roll occurred. The first time a single right lane through a construction area. Speed 50 MPH. Break away concrete along the far right road edge caused a front end oscillating event. My initial thought is a flat tire with rubber walking off the wheel. I came to a complete stop which stopped the event. The second time it occurred when a truck/trailer cut in front at high speed exiting. The truck breeze alone set this action in play. Again I had to competently stop to end the oscillating. Third time is after I installed new shocks on the front. This time the event began when driving through a major city where the road rise and fall left to right started the oscillating event. I made five lanes to the right shoulder where a complete stop was required before settling to normal. Any causal factors you may think of is appreciated. 2001 Ford F-53 V-10 GAS 70K miles 34 foot 2 slides
  14. Thank you each again for your input. No I have not changed the wiring nor added any appliances. At the junction box, under the black tape is a brass connector that screw clamps the wires together, followed by what appears to be insulation tape, covered by black electric tape. When I get back to my RV I will look at the Generator connection before taking it to Onan Cummings. With your excellent comments I have several things to check. Thank you each for taking time to respond. Much appreciated........................
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