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  1. Communicating while driving a Class A

    Maybe Herman can help change your lift pump.
  2. Communicating while driving a Class A

    Thank you for taking time to respond. It comforting to know I will not have an overheating problem. Gaining knowledge about fiberglass exhaust wrap is very helpful. I will research that. Today I purchased materials from these folks; https://www.sailorssolutions.com/index.asp?page=ProductDetails&Item=SPM06
  3. Communicating while driving a Class A

    State by State and very good guidance at this web site; https://phiaton.com/are-headphones-illegal-while-driving/
  4. Communicating while driving a Class A

    I appreciate your suggestion. I had not considered researching boaters forums until you mentioned it. In so doing I found this web site that gives good insight to sound proofing materials for engine noise reduction. http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f55/sound-proofing-engine-compartment-tips-58028.html Very kind of you to respond. Thank you for the tip.
  5. Communicating while driving a Class A

    A great solution. I have not researched the cost of a diesel pusher however I am betting it cost a bit more than insulation for the engine housing and or the headset. What could I do with all that left over monies! Thank you for your suggestion. You are almost as funny as Herman.................which is a good thing!!!
  6. Communicating while driving a Class A

    You are humorous in pointing out our issue. Generally by early afternoon my dry throat has had enough of loud talk across the cabin. Can it be I am the only one........................... Thanks, love your response
  7. Communicating while driving a Class A

    I agree compartment insulation is the way to go, if it does not create unusual retention of engine heat. I am lost on that issue, if it is one. I will talk to a mechanic regarding overheating of engine by reflective insulation. Five; following your advice I researched product lines for boat engine housing and ordered the following product, https://www.sailorssolutions.com/index.asp?page=ProductDetails&Item=SPM06 Thank you again for your input.
  8. Communicating while driving a Class A

    Motorcyclist use these and other types while riding. Some units permit communicating six or more riders. You can listen to music, gps and intercom with other people. I am guessing it is legal, but it is a guess. Something to research. Thank You
  9. Cab a bit noisy while driving. Thinking of using a pair of, Sena Technologies SPH10 Bluetooth Headset and Intercom, while driving. Have any of you used these? They are presented as motorcycle usable. In addition some find it nice when parking a large boat. I suspect they would be equally helpful when backing into a tight space avoiding the spouses flagging arms. The second thought is in lieu of a headset maybe padding the engine housing. If I were to install foil back self adhesive insulation on the engine side of the dog house would this create to much heat reflection back to the engine? Your thought on either or both. Thank You.
  10. Storage Compartment Fire

    El I be darn, good info, thank you for letting me know.
  11. Ant Issue

    An alternative.........
  12. Storage Compartment Fire

    Thank you. Yes I contacted Colaws before posting however I was not at that time looking for a storage door. I was told they do not resale black water tanks. They also do not permit any pull it yourself due to insurance issues. They did not have a use able water valve panel. A couple days ago I called them again and found the 2003 was no longer there. It remains on their web site, that is why I rang them. I sent an email to a yard in AZ with no response. I located a water valve panel in a Kentucky yard. They ask $200.00 plus shipping. They would not send pictures. I elected not to pursue do to pricing and not seeing the condition. Amer-Kart.com does not have what I need without special ordering. In the end I purchased 2 used tanks from a Plant City, FL salvage yard hoping to make a single use-able tank. I now know what to build in the way of a freshwater valve panel thanks to sales folks showing youtube videos I took pictures with my phone off the computer of a matching unit. Thanks again for all of the kind folks who took time to respond, you each are very nice people and I found good guidance from you.
  13. Storage Compartment Fire

    Thanks for looking over the pics. The first pic is after the melted water lines were spliced. What is missing is a hot and cold water low point drain. I purchased a pex tube tool and installed a 90 degree valve for freshwater tank fill. 110 volt wiring was cut and spliced for temporary service in route home. The gray water side was use-able. Left side 12 volt is totally out. In addition one 110 volt remained disconnected. Sufficient patching of 110 volt was accomplished to operate our a/c units. The storage door I suspect of being hollowed by the fire. The slap latch no longer fits snugly, it is extremely loose. The black water tank is no longer available. Ameri-Kart does not provide the same length nor the same design. Now that I am home it is a redo project.
  14. Storage Compartment Fire

    I did not realize fresh water valves were over the counter stock. Happy to hear that, thank you so much. The black water tank and plumbing is repaired except for setting a new bath floor and mounting the toilet. I still must decide on materials to reconstruct the valve mounting wall. The first picture shows one-half that did not burn. It is 1 foot high by 3 feet long, appears to be fiber glass. Remaining on the half not burned is an outside shower and low point hot water valves. Do you recommend a salvage yard for that one item (the wall/water valve holder) or would you build your own?