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  1. Thank you each again for your input. No I have not changed the wiring nor added any appliances. At the junction box, under the black tape is a brass connector that screw clamps the wires together, followed by what appears to be insulation tape, covered by black electric tape. When I get back to my RV I will look at the Generator connection before taking it to Onan Cummings. With your excellent comments I have several things to check. Thank you each for taking time to respond. Much appreciated........................
  2. I flew home leaving my RV in Kansas City. Onan Cummings could not get to it while I was traveling. I am flying back 13 August. I feel a wire is loose shorting the red wire single leg. The generator breaker was thrown on that leg. The breaker felt soft when I reset it. In addition I accidentally felt a tingle with my hand when touching the generator platform. I may have a look for a bare wire at the generator connection. If I see nothing then Onan will need to repair it. I am guessing they would be better than an RV repair shop. In the multiple years of ownership I have not had an issue of running both A/C units with the generator. Thank you each for responding. You are very kind to offer advise.
  3. No previous problems running both A/C units by generator. Breaker box never had issues in generator mode nor shore power. Of the two breakers on the generator only one throws. Junction box looks intact without marks of shorting. Pulled the plug for physical inspection finding no apparent issues. I think my best choice is to have Onan check the generator. I am not familar with RV repair facilities so am uncertain if they imploy quality electrical personal. I flew home leaving my unit 1500 miles from home therefore I can not run the requested test and I am uncertain if I have the equipment and knowledge. I have wired a few houses but wiring a new home has not prepared me for RV wiring. Certainly not generators. Thank you each for your suggestions. You are very kind to offer advise. I best leave this to an expert. I do feel maybe a wire jarred loose causing a short. Shore power elimated the plug, wiring, house breaker box, as well as all equipment inside the coach. Thanks again to you each.
  4. I connect to 50 amp shore power with no problems operating all appliances including 2 a/c units. When I operate the Onan generator only the forward a/c operates. When the rear a/c is switched on one of two things happen, the generator shuts down or the generator breaker snaps to off. No house breakers have ever shut off when using the generator nor when plugged in. In this 2002 Georgie Boy the electrical plug is either plugged into shore power or plugged into the generator. So I am looking at six foot of wiring, generator to plug. I have physically removed the plug and junction box from the generator and found nothing disconnected, nothing burnt, nothing shorted. Do any of you have a clue what may be happening? Such as a common Onan 5500 generator issue that may cause an internal short?
  5. Where may I find a wiring diagram for a 2001 Ford F-53 specific to the ABS Brake Module system?
  6. Ford parts counter cannot provide additional abs control modules numbers. They did say the last two letters may be removed. Those letters are a manufactures stamping thus, 4C3Z-2C219-CA. i belief one is located in New Jersey. Removed from an E-Super Duty with part number 4C3Z-2C219-CAR. I will know following this holiday break.
  7. Do you recommend the transmission be pumped rather than removing the pan? I will make an appointment after Christmas for your recommendation.
  8. Yes it is XL-3 and the parts counter man at Lakeland Ford assures me it is designed for transmissions. Having said that and double checking the product use I do not object to having the transmission pumped again.
  9. Wishing you each a great big thank you and a wonderful Christmas. I am out of town a couple of days.
  10. Thank you each for expert input. I appreciate your time and effort. Transmission was pumped by Gator Ford of Tampa at 38K it now shows 58k. Danny's transmission shop recommended the Ford Motorcraft product. First try the motorcraft product and if it does not work then consider repairing. Only dash light is ABS related. Nice input regarding miss-firing. Would I not feel that out of overdrive? The shudder seems not to be speed related. I can gain any speed I wish, out of overdrive without shudder, then engage overdrive with the same resulting shudder, 50, 60, 70. Will I harm the transmission by driving across country not using overdrive. I realize gas consumption will be greater.
  11. Shudder happens straight driving with light or heavy acceleration. No shudder in any other gears. Danny's transmission repair shop recommended I purchase the Ford Motorcraft Transmission was pumped by Gator Ford of Tampa. Mileage at the time was 38K. It now has 58k.
  12. Interesting article. Thank you. It only happens in overdrive and is continual under power load even very slight power increase.
  13. 2002 Class A Georgie Boy built on a Ford 2001 F-53.
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