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  1. Thank you Ray for responding. Very good information. Much apricate your input. Safe travels. After losing the cost of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk from Death Wobble i will be careful in selecting how to tow.
  2. I would love to have additional information regarding battery charge under tow. I am not familiar with direct wire with fuse in lieu of a trickle charge from the RV 12 volt system. If I run a fused direct wire from my engine battery positive post do I connect it directly to my tow battery. Is this accomplished by not using the six or seven way connector plug? Single wire direct connector of some sort? 2019 Buick Envision owners manual says to pull fuse 29 and 32 while towing. Curt sales a double fuse line with rocker switch which I installed. This eliminates pulling and reinstalling fuses. I don't like this concept because it takes away your door locking ability under tow. I am hopeful I can use a charge from my motor-home rather than the fuse switch. I look forward to additional information on maintaining battery charge under tow.
  3. Ray is your Equinox built in China? I recently purchased a 2019 Buick Envision made in China. I set it up for towing. Curt base plate which is much better than Blue Ox in my opinion. I am speaking for this particular vehicle. The Curt and Road-master base plate each bolt on without trimming the frame. Blue Ox requires frame trimming for installation. Also I used Curt taillight wiring. A plug and play system. I saw a few notes regarding concern about taillight wiring so I better bone up with a possibility of changing. Curt states diodes are built in the wiring for system protection.
  4. I had that issue as well. I added a manual inline off valve to stop hot water flow into the heater core.
  5. Thank you for asking. Your query is right to ask. i had an experience summer of 2022 that will help. Roadside Assistance was needed twice during my 11000 mile trip. First time was Sunday in Des Monies, Iowa. My call for assistance went unheeded, my second call to report no one has shown, went something like this, Sorry, it is Sunday and some employee don't show let me call a second vendor. Spending all day in Hardee's parking lot with no service showing I had an RV Roadside Service get my RV going at the tune of Two Hundred Ninety Dollars. Time spent waiting for help was 8 a.m. to 5 P.M. September 18, my wife's birthday. We were to have cake and ice cream with my brother had we not been delayed. My second experience was a few weeks later in Independence Missouri. My Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk during Death Wobble had broken the tow bar and jeep nose. It was now being towed by dolly. I failed to properly latch the Jeep and it came over the dolly to rest on the tongue. I called Roadside Assistance. Once again no show. I waited the proposed time limit of 180 minutes then called Road Side Assistance reporting no one showed. A second vendor was called. I jacked the motorhome loose. Drove to Harbor Freight for a better Jack, then to Home Deport where a kind employee cut a 4x4 in to short blocks. After blocking and jacking the Jeep was once again ready for travel. I hope my experience helps guide you. In my many years of travel I needed help three times and never had a positive experience.
  6. Summer of 2022 approximately 50 miles west of Winnemucca, Nevada my 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk broke apart from Death Wobble. Left and right frames broken. Left and Right base plate broken. Blue Ox tow bar passenger side broken. Jeep front end damaged from run in. FCA decided they will do nothing to compensate for their failure to properly engineer my Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.
  7. Fresh water tank will not accept water input? Thinking maybe the inlet valve was defective so I by passed that with a new hose inlet creating a direct input by passing the off on valve. Do animals, bugs, etc, bed in over flow tubes possibility causing an air lock. I am going under the rig tomorrow to see if I can access the tank. It is not under the bed. Do you ever clean your RV overflow pipes? My RV fresh water tank has 2 over fill drain hoses. I have never seen how overflow pipes work. I check if the tank is full by physical check at the overflow pipe but that is it. Wondering if they have check valves in the tubes that may go bad?
  8. update 9/3/22 in case you were wondering wiring harness installed to prevent Death Wobble at Lakeland, Florida Jeep. many miles traveled since with continued Death Wobble. I now drive with the additional wiring harness turned off. With the wiring harness activated I have many more occurrences of Death Wobble. One day Death Wobble occurred 14 times in 300 miles. With the additional harness not activated maybe 2, some days none. Never has the Death Wobble occurred when driving our 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk solo, always in tow.
  9. Yes. On auto and working on 12 volt. Thank you for asking.
  10. The pictures shows a green wire used in lieu of black or red from converter to hot side of 12volt panel. I didn't catch this and reversed the wiring, green to negative rather than hot side. Wondering if that caused 12 volt issue. With shore power all is fine through the converter. Nothing without shore power. Back to thinking. Thumbing through the electric forum to see if anything there.
  11. Thank you for responding Frank. New converter installed yesterday. May be a breaker on it. No 12 volt fuses bad. Will check it further on Saturday.
  12. No 12 volt house power when disconnected from shore power. Everything works when plugged in to power. What should I check first?
  13. Thank you. I will return to the dealership tomorrow. I will use this information as well as some I researched. Much appreciated.
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