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Access To Slide Rollers

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I would like to access the area under my kitchen slide to check for a broken tile and maybe a bad roller.  I can't find a place to take the cabinet apart to see under it. 

I have heard that you can put a couple 2 x 6 blocks on top of the slide and close it causing it to lift the inside off the floor so you can check under it.  Has anyone tried this? 

I don't what to do something stupid and damage the slide. 

This slide is gear driven for opening and closing.

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Lyle.  I can see all my rollers, by opening up the 3 bay doors with slide out.  As for the screw, still don't know where it came from, I have a 3/8" x 1" magnet, on the end of a 3 foot x 1/4" round pole, that fits under the slide floor and I use it when slide is just into level when it comes in, at that point, the rollers are just clearing the up slope and you can use a slim led light to check for obstruction around front of roller.

Got both items at True Value, Home Depot does carry it, but my local one was out of stock.  Less than $15 for both items!  A bad roller does happen, but I have never experienced it.


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I was fortunate enough to spend a couple days with Ernie Ekberg completing the flooring demo on our coach.  As Ernie was trying to get the last pieces of tiles out from under the kitchen, he noticed that the slide was unusually low (scraping the floor).  Long story, Ernie was able to inspect three of the four rollers under that slide.  However, the fourth roller was hidden under the cabinet.  After a few minutes of head scratching, Ernie used an inspection camera to locate the fourth roller.  As may be with yours, the roller was seemingly not accessible because of the floor of the cabinet.  Upon further inspection, Ernie discovered the cabinet has a false bottom (probably to service the roller).  All he did was peel back the felt, screwed a wood screw in the plywood and used that as a handle to pull up the false bottom!  This particular roller was not even engaging the floor and one of the other was not adjusted correctly.

The picture below shows the roller assembly, part of the furnace ducting and the cabinet toe board with the false bottom lifted up.



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