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Change Tires, New Load Rating, New Pressure?

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Hello, need to see what the experts can help me with my New Tires. History:

Had 255 70 22.5 tires Load H on and ran Fronts at 115 psi (10800lb rated, on 10.5 axel) and 110 psi Dual Rear (4775lb on 19K axel)

New Tires 275 70 22.5 tires Load J, Chart show 95 psi (10800lbs on 10.5 axel) and 85 psi Dual Rear (19420lbs on 19K axel)

My question is, with new load rating I can run lower pressure. The chart for the new tires start at 85 psi with a tire max of 130 psi. Will I run into a sidewall heating issue running a 130psi tire at 85psi? I know the load numbers work from THEIR cart, but 85psi is where they start.

I would like to run a softer tire for the ride but need to feel safe. Looking for some help, what do you think.


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If the chart starts at 85 that would be the MINIMUM. I still would add 10% for a nice margin.


Note you got the load increase not from the Load Range change but from the size change.

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