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Do You Wash Your Own Motorhome-- Where?

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yup you are all correct...except these sat for 16 years untouched, un-cared for in a damp acidic environment. They do not need cleaning but a restoration and that requires elbow grease. Yes once they were very shiny but acid rain has taken it's toll. Pads may help but some old fashioned sanding is in order too. Just using the rouge helped, but to be like Mr. Joe's more effort is in store. 


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1 hour ago, elkhartjim said:

3M Scotch Brite Nylon Pads: 
White pad, called Light Duty Cleansing - (1000) 1200-1500 grit 

Light Grey, called Ultra Fine Hand - (600-800) 800 grit. 
 Green, called Light Duty Hand Pad - (600) 600 grit 
Maroon pad, called General Purpose Hand - (320-400) 320 grit 

 Brown pad, called Extra Duty Hand - (280-320) 240 grit 
Dark Grey pad, called Blending Pad (180-220) 150 grit 
Tan pad, called Heavy Duty Hand Pad - (120-150) 60 grit
(The value inside the parentheses is directly from 3M.) 

Yes I had an uncle who bought them for me, uncle sam.B)

If you can find them there are floppy wheels and different shaped "tootsie rolls" for different applications.

Joe has a good tool the Mouthers cone and Powerball. Air tools are your friend.



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BillE.  Now I know what my problem is, I stay away from, anything that lives, in a old musty barn, in Oregon!  :o  Life is short ! :lol:

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