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Hill Climb with Class C Gas

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

As with all heavy vehicles, the speed on a grade depends on coach WEIGHT, HP and what RPM/throttle you are willing to use.

Pretty hard to compare a 24' Class C with a 31' Class C, even if they have the same chassis/engine.

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I have a Class C Winnebago Itasca Cambria 2014   32 foot.

Per a engineer at Ford Motor Company the shift patterns of a v-10 and the 

Transmission are govern by SPEED.  And that is program by the computer as it overlaps

the shift from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and overdrive 6th.  It is handle a couple of ways in

tow-haul, cruise on cruise off,  Not by RPM, vacuum etc.  Now with all that information.

So if you set cruise at 60 mph and climbing the hill it will do whatever to maintain that SPEED

That being said , I NEVER use cruise in the mountains with grade. You will see 5000 RPM 

3rd gear or 4th gear at about 60 MPH climbing that grade. Get in the fast lane and pass everything

crawling in the slow lanes. This v-10 does not care what it has to do to maintain CRUISE.

So what I do is use tow-haul in the hills so the engine and trans acts like  a  brake  in cruise.

Going fast up hill is faster down hill make sure to use tow-haul for braking downhill.

If you would like set cruise at 55mph  RPM 4300 4th and 5th gear and enjoy the ride. 

Tim the Mailman



















































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Please find the attach file from the Ford Engineer concerning  shifts for v-10

This file some how did not follow the text message.

Tim the Mailman











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