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We read so many cases where consumers are unhappy with services  and purchases.

Though you might want to hear of my recent experience where the manufacturer and the vendor went beyond the call of duty to correct a simple mistake.   I had ordered a car side quick disconnect kit for my Roadmaster tow bar from etrailer.com,  the order was filled promptly and delivered as schedule, however the hardware  was missing from the kit.  I notified etrailer.com on Saturday morning via email that the hardware was missing, I immediately received a response apologizing for their mistake and they provided me lists of parts that should have been included.  I responded by identifying the components that were missing and within a few minutes etrailer.com responded and informed  me that the hardware will be shipped within 12-24 hours.

On Monday morning I receives a phone from etrailer.com informing that they had been in contact with Roadmaster and that Roadmaster was shipping the missing hardware directly to me and that I would receive it on Tuesday.  Sure enough it was delivered before noon today,

Not sure if any of you have checked etrailer.com web site lately, they have added many RV accessories to their product line, including RV furniture and appliances at very competitive prices.

Thanks again for such great service.






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Since we mostly only get complaints, it's refreshing to receive a positive input. :)

I know from personal experience, that there are more good ones, than bad and wish we would receive more! 

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I'll add some kudos to the list...

As many know, we recently installed a Vitrifrigo 12vdc/120vac compressor fridge in our coach to replace the 44-year-old Norcold compressor unit. I went to start it up the other day in preparation for a trip. We're scheduled to leave tonight. Yesterday when I went to load the groceries I realized that the compressor was cycling on for only 2-3 seconds before turning off. A few frantic calls to Vitrifrigo's main US office in Florida, a little bit of trouble shooting, and they had a new part out the door via overnight shipping. Installed the part myself this morning and it appears the crisis is over. The fridge is already down to temp and ready to load.

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