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  1. I have been in contact with FlexSteel about replacement of the upholstery on seat of the Euro chair in my 04 HR Endeavor. The upholstery has held up well in my coach, the issue with the Euro chair was caused by my dog scratching. FlexSteel has responded to my inquire and has acknowledges that they have the pattern to fabricate the covering and had requested that I send a sample of the material no make sure it will match the arms and back of the chair. Will keep you posted as this progresses. Jim
  2. F433921

    Inverter Died

    I have the same Magnum inverter/charger as Ray and have has no problems with the TV's or microwave, I did have to replace the electronic board in inverter/charger and up grade the remote software to accommodated the Magnum battery monitor. These upgrades will support the generator auto start if I ever decide to install it, Jim
  3. F433921

    Inverter Died

    If you look at the specifications of both PSW inverter and MSW inverter you will find the MSW inverter is more efficient at any given load. I expect the efficiency of the equipment being powered by the MSM inverter will be less effecient than it would be when powered by a PSW one. Jim
  4. Did you miss a few 0 in your total cost? Jim
  5. What voltage do you get at the Diagnostic Connector terminals A and H. Jim
  6. Most likely the electric problem and gas problem are not related. The gas problem sounds like a bad thermocouple and the electric a heating element failure. Jim
  7. NEXUS has been around for a while building Class Cs. Jim
  8. Looks like all of the damage is on the terminal block at the BLACK wire. #6 wire is rates for 50 amp loads. The wiring in the the picture doesn't look like like # 2 or #4, I would make sure that the replacement ATS has correct size terminal block for wire installed in your coach otherwise you will not be able to get a good connection. Jim
  9. I recently tightened the tension on the slide toppers and found it to be a relativity simple task if you have basic mechanical skills. You can fine several detail instructions on U TUBE that lead you thru the process. Jim
  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all !!!! Jim
  11. Carl, you must pack a load of batteries, my buddy has 8 in his all electric rig,
  12. Brett, My Holiday Rambler was wired like Carl's when I purchased it used. I removed the stock solenoid that you could parallel the coach and chassis with a momentary switch on the dash. I replaced the solenoid with an ACR and now both battery banks are charged by either the inverter/charger or the chassis engine alternator. The 2 banks are in parallel when and when the voltage of each bank is=>12.4v, when either bank drops below 12.4v the ACR drops out and doesn't parallel the batteries until the chassis battery or the coach battery voltage is >13.6 v . The only draw back with the ACR you have to make sure you don't have the chassis engine running when you have the inverter/chargers in the charging mode because will have the alternator output and the charger output tied together. I just have to make sure that when the generator is running or when I'm on shore power that I don't have the inverter/charger in the charger mode. I've only forgot this on one occasion and I got a ALT FLT light on the dash, no damage was done. Jim
  13. Yes, I have worked in BC on several times and used US credit cards.always got a better exchange than at the banks, I just booked a cabin at fishing lodge in BC on US credit card and was charged US dollar even thru all billing was in Canadian dollars. Jim
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