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  1. F433921

    Lowering coach

    Glad you found your problem, thanks for letting us know what the problem was and your solution. Jim
  2. F433921

    24v to 13.8v Converter for Headlights

    It's difficult to determine if the resistors in the resistor bank are wired in series or parallel. Bases on the information that you have provides the voltage drop across the resistor bank appears to between 12-16 volts depending on the alternator output voltage. I assume there is not any voltage regulation on the output of the resistor bank other than difference of load from LOW beam to HI beam and the output voltage of the alternator. If the voltage drop is only a function of OHM LAW E=IR you could change the resistance of one or more resistor in the resistor bank to reduce the voltage across resistor bank. Jim
  3. Have you considered surface mounting the sound bar above the TV. Might take some innovated mounting system. Jim
  4. That a good time to go if you like the crowds.
  5. We have been to Yellowstone two times within the last four years, both times were between Labor Day and October 1st. During our last trip we were there the last week of September and there three days of snow that delayed the park opening to noon to provide time to plow the roads. We stayed at the Grizzly RV resort on out last trip and it was a great park, however we did miss the great enclosed pool and hot tub that the KOA park that we stayed at on the previous trip. Jim
  6. F433921

    Lowering coach

    Even if you stop dumping air at 45psi, eventually the remaining pressure will leak off. Are the air bags original? Based age of coach probably time for a good inspection. Jim
  7. F433921

    Lowering coach

    Must have been having a senior moment. Jim
  8. F433921

    Lowering coach

    Are you lowering all 4 cylinders at the same time when you hear the noise? You might try lowering the front 2 then the back 2, by doing this you could determine in the problem in in the front or the back. On Holiday Rambler with Roadmaster chassis the front cylinders have external springs and the back cylinders have internals springs that retract the cylinders. When was the last time you pumped grease in the lower seals od each cylinder. You should also inspect the cylinders when they are fully extended to make sure there is no scoring on the cylinder shafts, at the same time lubricate the shafts with spray lubricant. Make sure you place safety blocks under you coach before crawling under it. Jim
  9. F433921

    Hankook Tires?

    I have run Hankook tires on my last 2 motorhomes, never any issues. I'm getting ready to replace them because they have reached the7 year mark. I compared the FMCA program price vs. my local dealer and the price was $50 per tire less from local dealer. Simpletires.com also has good sales on them and they offer free shipping. Jim
  10. F433921

    2007 Tiffin Phaeton electrical issue

    Without a wiring diagram trouble shooting your problem is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Certain circuits in some fuse panels are only energized when you ignition switch is in the "ON" position. This is usually accomplished by any axillary relay that is energized. The auxiliary relay is used to carry a larger load than the ignition switch is capable of. The relays normally plug into a socket and are easily replaced. Finding the location of the relay is normally the most difficult task, they maybe found on the fuse block and/or in the location of other chassis wiring components. Hope this helps. Jim
  11. F433921

    No electric on half the coach

    Not knowing what coach you have makes it difficult to trouble shoot. I will take a stab in the dark, Check the circuit breakers that are mounted on your inverter/charge. They have to be reset by pushing the little white button that pop out when tripped. Jim
  12. F433921

    Coach Net Electric Step

    Some of the control modules that sense current (amps) as a limit switch have an adjustable potentiometer on the circuit board that you can adjust to determine the set point that motor tops. Some potentiometer can be cleaned with electro clean contact cleaner them rotate the potentiometer thru its full range (usually less than 360 degrees. Us caution not to run thru the mechanical stops on the potentiometer. Jim
  13. F433921

    Best Domicile?

    Not sure what you are looking for, Washington state has the following to offer. 1. No state income tax 2. No special drivers license required 3. Reasonable Annual tags (mine $106 annually 2004 HR 40') 4. Reasonable Insurance premium ($960 per year) 5. No annual vehicle inspection Jim
  14. F433921

    Battery replacement not going so good.

    Ray, I had the same beeping from the dash, it was come and go, all instrument were within normal range and no idiot lights. This went on for a couple of years, finally it started beeping and wouldn't stop except when engine was shut off. After looking at the drawing I determined the only abnormal condition that would initiate an audibled alarm without a idiot light was a LOW ENGINE OIL PRESSURE. The oil pressure sending unit has two elements, one a NO contact that closes on low oil pressure and the other the resistor that sends signal to oil pressure gauge. Changed sending all OK. I purchased the sending unit from Fisherman Supply in Seattle, around $45. Jim
  15. F433921

    Inverter "Backfeed Fault"

    Brian, Thanks for the response. Magnum headquarters used to be in Everett, WA at Paine Field. They updated the soft ware in remote panel for me a couple of years ago. At that time they did mention that Magnum had been purchased by another company and wasn't sure what capability would remain in Everett. I have also noticed a similar problem when you have your coach running and the Magnum Inverter/charger in the charging modes at the same time. On my rig when both charging circuits outputs are connected to house batteries at the same time I get an "ALTERNATOR FAULT" lamp on dash. I now just make sure that I have the charger off before I start the coach. Glad you were able continue your trip without an interruption. Jim