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  1. I just printed the application for TSD and it has a list of services and fuels including gasoline and propane that you check off to identify the items that can be charged to your account. Jim
  2. Does anyone know what the discount has been on gasoline? JIm
  3. F433921

    Hankook Tires

    Been running them for 3 years on three different motorhomes, never a problem. Jim
  4. Huff, Is there any chance that the stop command from the AGS is not a long enough duration to shut the generator down. Jim
  5. Huff, The only load that I put on the inverter is my residential refrigerator, the maximum DC current draw from the battery bank that I have observed is 10 amps. I'm have a remote thermometer with MAX and MIN temperatures that I'm going to install to determine what temperature are in the compartment. I need to review my Magnum Manual to determine what their ambient operating temperature range is.
  6. I have the same inverter/charger that in mounted in same compartment on my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor PDQ, however my compartment has no form on ventilation. I up graded circuit board in the inverter/charger and the software in the remote unit several years ago when I installed the battery charge level option. When I changed the circuit board I didn't find an signs of dust accumulation in on the circuit board or in the unit, I have a residential refrigerator and I run the inverter continuously when driving down the road unless it is so warm that it requires the roof top ACs. Not sure if I'm running on borrower time, but so far so good. Jim
  7. F433921

    Airbag deflation

    My brother-in-law just replaced his on his MH, He had to buy the complete rod, couldn't just find the ends. Jim
  8. I damaged the right rear storage door on my 04 holiday Rambler it was cheaper to have a sheet metal shop to fabricated one than to purchased used from either of the salvage yards that you have mentioned. I expect that you panel may have more contours and may be more difficult to duplicate, Jim
  9. The front Hankook tires that I just replaces had been in service 7 years (35K miles., I had the dealer inspect them when they removed them and no damages was found and tread left on tire 80%. The tries weren't balances and it drove great, no vibration. Jim
  10. My out the door price for two tires was $937, I purchased them in Oregon (no sales tax). I made an error on the size of my tires in my first post. My tire are 275/70R/22.5 Jim
  11. Go to the BENEFITS page and it will walk you through it. I just purchased the same size front tires for my coach stayed with the same brand that I have been running, Hanhook. My previous one were their AH 12 and they are no longer available, they have been replaced with their AH 37. The AH 37 is a 18 ply where the AH 1 2 was a 16 ply, don/t see any difference in the ride.' I purchased mine from local dealer, the price was competitive with the FMCA price, just seemed like less hassle/ Jim
  12. The microwave receptacle was one where the solid copper wire was only pressed in a slot on the back of the receptacle. Fortunately I was able detect poor connection before it over headed and no damage was done to the ROMEX wire. I was able to replace the receptacle with a 20 residential one with attachment screws. Jim
  13. I would make the repair with resin and cloth then use tint able bed liner for finish coat. Jim
  14. I remember riding with my grandpa back in the 60's and he had a wedge fastened to his accelerator pedal. It was just made with a piece of wood. Without the block he could only reach the pedal with the tip of his toe. These were the good old days, great memories. Jim
  15. Huff. Magnum has facility at Paine Field in Everett WA. Not sure what their capability is. When I added the battery Load option to my inverter/charger they uploaded an newer software version to my remote. At that time they were moving some of their work to another of their facilities, that's been a couple of years ago, know there is an authorized repair dealer in Portland. Jim
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