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  1. yellow stone campgrounds

    The KOA , a few miles from West Yellowstone is nice and has a great indoor pool.
  2. Inverter required for residential refrigerator

    When I installed the residential refrigerator I powered with the existing modified sine way inverter. My original inverter is a 2000 watt. I wouldn't install a second inverter unless you current one is undersize or doesn't have the proper waveform for you new refrigeration. It that the case I would upgrade you inverter to meet your needs. Jim
  3. Tachometer Quit

    As you can see I lost my user name, picture and profile. This happened when I contact the tech group at FMCA to change my email address. Now I need to find out how to change my user name, anyone have a clue? Jim
  4. Tachometer Quit

    Finally found time to troubleshoot the problem with the tachometer. I had looked at the electrical drawing and with the information that **** provided I determined that the tach signal came directly from the engine ECM and since there was no other issue with the engine running or with transmission shifting I assumed that the ECM RPM signal must be normal and the problem must be the instrument. I checked with HR and they no longer had the instrument cluster which included the tack, oil pressure gauge and volt meter. Further checking with Beebe Instrument and they had been sold to another co and they were unable to support the Beebe line of instruments. I found a used instrument cluster for $65 and it arrived today and I installed it, GUESS WHAT? The tachometer still didn't work. I started chasing the tach signal wire from the tack end didn't have to go very far to find the problem, In the cluster of wiring under the dash there was a single conductor plug that has come disconnected. Plugged it in and all is good. The moral of the story is to look for the simple things and you can save a few bucks. Jim
  5. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Just completed 3800 mile trip in 2004 Holiday Rambler Endeavor, 8.3 Cummins ISC, average 8.02 MPG. Towing Dodge Dakota toad, traveling 60-65 MPH. Jim