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  1. Just completed installation of LVP flooring. Had to make custom transition molding to accommodate the difference in elevation between tile in LVP flooring. Laminated 13 strips of 1/8" oak strips to make radius.
  2. Look under the stairs to the coach. One of the treads are on a hinge that allows you access to the 2 coach batteries. Jim
  3. I have used the NSA Ready Brake on my toad (03 Dodge Dakota Ext Cab ) for nine years. I also have the indicator lamp on the MH dash that shows when the brakes on the toad are applied. It't a simple foolproof system. The system is basically a surge brake that mechanically pulls a cable that is attached to the toad brake pedal . Jim
  4. F433921


    Thanks to all who were responsible in getting the FORUM up and running again. It really messed up my routine while it was down. Jim
  5. The brand and part numbers were east to see without even crawling under the coach on my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. Jim
  6. Problem Solved A member on IRV2 forum had the answere. The fuse was in the battery compartment labeled as "DIAG". Bet all of you knew that it was for the LIFT PUMP!!!! Thanks for all of your help. Jim
  7. F433921

    Tire brands

    I have the Hankook AH 37's on my coach, have been real happy with them. Jim
  8. Ray, I don't have any leaks, just trying to located the lift pump fuse should I ever have a need to replace it.
  9. I have been in contact with Joe and his coach has the fuse in the compartment under the drivers seat. Thanks for your response, I will look tomorrow. Since the lift pump only runs on start up for 30 seconds it should wear out. The one on mine doesn't leak, that seems lake you see online posts of that problem. Seems like the leaks are mostly due to loose bolts or failed gaskets. My pump doesn't do a good job of filling the water separator fuel filter (during filter change) if the fuel tank is 1/4 tank or less. Jim
  10. Have a little time on my hands and have been going over the coach in preparing for an extended trip in the fall. I've owned the rig, (2004 Holiday Rambler Endeavor, Cummins ISC 8.3 engine) for over nine years and have performed all of my own maintenance and repairs with the exception of flushing and replacing the engine coolant. I have two brother in laws who own diesel pushers and both have experienced break downs on the roads in recent week and want to make sure that I have all of the essentials. In the process I was inventorying spare parts and tools I realized that I didn't have a very good assortment of spare fuses, this lead to locating the location of all fuses on on circuits that I considered critical. The low voltage fuses were all found in three locations (front bay under drivers seat, bedroom power center, battery compartment) with the exception of the one on the hot water heater control module. However, I have been unable to locate the fuse associated with the fuel deliver LIFT PUMP. I have researched all of the drawing that came in the original owners package, fuse nomenclature at all of the fuse locations and online searches with no success. If any of you have any idea where I might find it, I would appreciate it. Jim
  11. Does the GFCI trip when the refrigerator is operating on ELECTRIC and LP or only on ELECTRIC? If it only trips only electric, the heating element may be faulty. Jim
  12. I'd rather buy one with high miles and properly maintained than a low mileage one that had been setting that long.. Jim
  13. Guess that up to this point he no reason not to believe them, also he had been away from home working in Houston for 3 months and he was ready to get home. Jim
  14. My BIL tried to contact REV, but wasn't able to get much info, sounds like due to Civid19 nobody was working. To get back on the road he had a fab shop put a piece of square bar stock that was machined to fit in the trailing arm square tube, Before placing the square stock in the square tube they scarfed oblong openings on the both sides of the trailing tube on both sides of the crack and them installed the square stock. They then installed gussets on both sides of the trailing arm where it cracked. To insure that both arms were the same they fabricated a jig to hold the pieces while welding. My BIl was real fortunate it happened next to a heavy duty truck facility, the owner gave my BIL full access to his shop, service truck, tools and a pickup to run parts. Jim
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