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  1. I only use campground potable water to fill my tank. If any of my plumbing develops a leak the pump running alerts be of the problem. I had the ice maker line develop a leak in the middle and when I woke up, I a **** of a mess to cleanup. Jim
  2. Guess one way to avoid diesel contamination with DEF is to purchase you diesel at stations that don't have pumps to disperse DEF. For the most part I usually fill up at Costco or major grocery stores that have fuel. I really like Costco because they take samples when receiving all fuels. Jim
  3. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Got the biocide yesterday and will fill the tank today. My dad was a marine engineer and from my early ages he would take me too work with him and he always preached to me that if you are troubleshooting a problem the first question that you ask yourself is, WHAT DID YOU DO LAST?. he would tell me that more likely than not you will find out that it may be contributed to the last repairs or service that was performed. Thanks for all of the advice. Jim
  4. F433921


    I like the adjustable thermostat that you installed and should mine fail again I will install one. Thanks for sharing your good idea. Jim
  5. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Bill, I removed the water separator filter today and found the sealing washer on the thread was a real loose fit, didn't find anything else that seem out of line, however I didn't check the tightness of the drain valve. I had a spare water separator filter so I decided to install it. The center sealing washer was a tight fit, I actually has to force it over the threads. I primed the system per instructions by cycling the on/off switch to activate the lift pump. The engine started within what seemed like a reasonable amount of cranking considering that the filter had just been changed. The engine idled smooth and I then activated the fast idle until air pressure was built. One thing that I did notice that lift pump didn't run for a very long period when cycling the on/off switch, I could hear 2 distinct clicks each cycle, no near 30 sec. that is described during a normal start up. I seem to only remember 2 clicks as been normal for my rig. I'm going to let it sit unit I get back home in a week and seen how it starts. Thank for the responses from all form members. What did you guys think about Cummins response on the over run on start up? It only happened 2 concessive and it has not repeated itself. Jim
  6. F433921


    The heater on Huff's rig is 12 V DC. I had a similar problem on my rig which has the same setup as Huff's, I was able resolve the problem by cleaning all of the connection in the circuit. The thermostat in the control circuit not the power circuit to the heating element. Jim
  7. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Here is my response from Cummins on the over run on startup. "It sounds like you did the normal process with the priming for the filter change. It may be just a fluke. However, if you really want to get to the root of it (with out fault codes), you would need to get it to a shop and have them run a diagnostic." https://locator.cummins.com Thank you for contacting Cummins. Steve Cummins Care Representative [SR#: 1-74210452344] If you have additional questions please feel free to respond to our support staff by e-mailing care@cummins.com or by calling 1-800-CUMMINS (1-800-286-6467) within the U.S. Additional calling options for outside the U.S. are provided on our website. When contacting us, please refer to the SR (1-74210452344) number listed above, if applicable. Visit us at www.cummins.com or www.cumminsengines.com Not real technical answer. Jim
  8. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    What caused the fuel separator to loose it's prime? Jim
  9. F433921

    Do Not Buy A Winnebago Class A!

    Don't pick on Bill, he's a nice guy!!!
  10. F433921

    GFI Outlets/Battery Charging/Inverter-charger

    I would check the push to reset breakers on the inverter to see if one of them are tripped. Jim
  11. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Can't believe that three weeks at 1/4 tanks will cause a problem. Jim
  12. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    We just got home last week from the coast and we use the coach at least monthly. I normally fill it up on the return trip home, but our route didn't take us by any high volume fuel stops. My personal daily drivers have been diesel rigs since 1984 (VW Rabbit was the first one, just gave it to my nephew) and the only bad fuel experience came from a mom and pop convenience store. Thanks for the reminder. Jim
  13. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    Good Morning, thanks for all of the response. I did remove the filters to look at the seals and they looked OK, however I will perform a more thorough inspection today. I plan on checking the primary water separator first, since it is on the suction side of the lift pump. Don't think I will spend much effort until I get to town and get some diesel fuel to at least get it filled to a half of tank. Leaving for Hawaii on Tuesday for short break. My last trip was on Washington coast was planning on fill up in Oregon on my next outing, it's $.30 a gallon cheaper. I sent a request to Cummins on the over run issue. Jim ,
  14. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    The accelerator is electric, I have started the rig several times since the 2 events where it accelerated to the 2200 rpm limiter and it hasn't repeated. I have sent Cummins Support with the information describing the event, hope to get a response will share with response with the form. I'm going to change the water separator filter tomorrow to see it that is where I'm getting air in the fuel system. The problem only started when I changed both fuel filters yesterday. Jim
  15. F433921

    Poor Starting after Replacing Fuel Filters

    I found a diagram of the fuel system for a coach from a previous post on the form. Jim