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  1. This support that there is internal ware within the pump or the pump is by=passing and can't build to designed operating pressure. Jim
  2. Wahkiakum County, WA. Population 5000, 0 cases, help us to keep it at 0, STAY HOME anywhere you may live. Thanks, Jim
  3. Does the generator actually have that many hours? Seems high for a new rig. Jim
  4. F433921

    1976 Apollo 2600 RB

    Can't see the bottom. but from the top it looks like a fuel pressure regulator. Jim
  5. Congratulations, Glad it worked out for you, Jim
  6. I has the same 3 cylinder Kubota in my tractor ran for 20 years never had a glow plug failure or starter failure. Jim
  7. I have pulled apart several solenoids that look similar and was able to repair them by just removing studs and rotating them 180 degrees and removing the disk from the shaft and turning it over. Not as good as new contacts but got may more years of service out of it. Jim
  8. It't a simple conversion I made the conversion many years ago on my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. I installed a COLE HERSEE 48530 Smart Battery Isolator (200 Amp) to replace the exiting solenoid that combined the coach and chassis battery with the dash battery combined switch. Smart Battery Isolator cost less than $100. No additional wiring was required, took less the 10 minutes to complete the job. I still maintained the function of the dash battery combine switch for emergency use, Jim
  9. Make sure your glow plugs or intake heater is working, not what sure which one the Genrac uses/ Jim
  10. Mine has a seperate 120 VAC respectable for the icemaker that was feed from the inverter. Jim
  11. Shouldn't be any problem at all in Aug or Sept, Oct. storm should cause any long delays. Jim
  12. Herman Rechecked my purchases, my wrong actual saving was $140 , which calculated to $0.714 per gallon savings. I had made an error on my spread sheet. Jim
  13. Herman, This was my first long trip using the card and the saving far exceeded my expectations. Previously I had used Gas Buddy to shop for the best prices and found Costco my go to location in PNW, however when out of area many don't have diesel. I also enjoyed the large open spaces the truck stops offer. Jim
  14. Used my TSD card exclusively on my current trip from Pacific Northwest to Southern California, purchased 196 gallons of fuel, saved $220 off pump price. Never had any wait in line at any stations. Jim
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