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  1. All good things come to a end. When my AAA RV Premier came up for renewal they now only offered $500 per tow per year and were limited to 2 tows per year. I don't think the towing company would answer the phone for that amount. I now have Good Sam, just hope that I won't have a need for a tow. Jim
  2. Also recommend that you get a TSD fuel card. There are significant saving to be had.
  3. Thanks for the lead on radiators. Jim
  4. While traveling on Hwy 84 in northern TX was rear ended while in turning lane. No injury in either vehicle, but my toad was totaled. The rig that hit me executed a perfect pit maneuver like you see on high speed chases on tv. Fortunately very little damage was done to our coach. The only damage to the rear cap was to the small lower center removable section that is removed to remove the radiator. The radiator and fan were damaged and will need to be replaced for us to get back on the road to return home to WA. Anyone have any leads for the radiator in the Lubbock are? If the both shop doesn't find it locally on Monday, they will be ordering the parts from Source Engineering in OR. What a way to end road trip, but are thankful that no one was hurt. Jim
  5. On my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor I replace the TROMBETTA solenoid that is in the battery compartment with a COLE HERSEE 48530 Smart Battery Isolator 200 AMP. The COLE HERSEE Smarti Isolator is a bi-directional device that will automatically tie the house and chassis battery banks together to ensure that either bank can be charges from either the battery charger or the chassis alternator. It also will automatically separate the 2 banks when both charging circuits are unavailable before the chassis batteries discharge to a low level that would be prevent starting the chassis engine, The COLE HERSEE solenoid installation require to changes to the existing wiring.. I made this change over 9 years ago and has worked great. I just replace replaced my 6V coach batteries (Interstate Golf cart Deep Cycle) after being in service over 7 years. I also have a residential refrigerator running off of my coach batteries. Jim
  6. 275 /70 /22.5 The ones I just took off were their A11 they have been replaces with A37 Jim
  7. I have been running HanKooks for 7 years, just replaced them with a new set because they had been in service for 7 years, During that period I have I driver over 50,000 miles without a single issue. I've' driven thru the desert in temperatures of 120 degrees and mountainous snow covered road and never was unhappy with their performance. The quality of the ride was equal or better than that of the Michelin's that they replaced and a **** of a lot cheaper. Jim
  8. Not sure why you are ruling out Hankook tires. There are many members that run then and are satisfied and have praised their performance. I just had my second set of Hankook's installed on my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. The only reason for changing them was because they had been in service for seven years. During the seven year I traveled over 50,000 on all types of roads under conditions from crossing the desert in 120 degree weather to traveling mountainous snow covered roads without a single issue.
  9. Thanks for your response. My batteries are less than 6 months old and I checked the electrolyte level and specific gravity within the last month. I will check them again if acts up again. Just got back from 5 day road trip, all was well. Jim
  10. I when through changing some of the presets several years ago when I added their battery charge level display feature and it was pretty straight forward, Jim
  11. Rich, I will check my presets later today and get back with you. I changed some of the presets when I upgraded the batteries. Jim
  12. Went out to finish loading this morning and looked at REMOTE panel and was surprised to find the following message: BATTERY IS FULLY CHARGED 12.7 v. and no fault light all seem to be working fine. I hate gremlins like this, it's a lot simpler when something just fails. Now off to the Washington coast to celebrate Thanksgiving with just my bride of 50 years. Thank yo for your response and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Jim
  13. My inverter only has the push to reset circuit breakers, I did true the circuit breaker off at the AC power panel and removed the fuse to the batteries, this part of the HARD REBOOT.
  14. My 04 Holiday Ramble has the original Magnum Series M inverter/charger and performed flawless until to today. Was loading the coach today and found the red fault light flashing on the Remote Panel and the voltage was swinging from 12.2 to 15.3 and the current from 30 A to 97 A. the charger was in the ABSORPTION . The RED fault light as only on when voltage was at 15 V and above. The charger in ABSORPTION mode is programmed for a maximum voltage of 14.9 V. I turned the charger off from the Remote panel and restated , no change, voltage and current continue to swing and fault light flashing. Performed SOFT REBOOT with same results. Performed HARD REBOOT , the inverter/charger will not start in either mode and BAD BATTERY CHARGER message is now displayed on Remote Panel. Owners Manual has nothing to offer in its trouble shooting instruction. I'm speculation that the problem lies with in the control board. I would appreciate any thoughts that you might have if you have experienced a similar problem. It might be time to just bite the bullet and upgrade the inverter/charger instead of repairing, what's your thoughts. Jim
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