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  1. There is no misalignment and the vertical seal is parallel and equal on both ends when closed. Just before the slides reaches the fully closed position the inside edge of the side actually rises about 1/4"but when you release the IN switch the slide relaxes a small amount in the open position. It appears that the when the closing forces that compress the sealing surfaces a small amount and once the power to the motor is interrupted the slide move a small about before the brake sets to secure the slide. During tis small movement you can see the slide settle a small amount that would cause the imprint in the carpet. I'm going to check the brake to see if there is an adjustment. After 15 years of use, I not surprised that the brake hasn't some wear. Jim
  2. Huff, Thanks for reply, I'm sure that I close the slides while still connected to shore power, but normally start engine to fill suspension after closing slide. If I start engine before retracting slides it will retract jacks when starting engine and coach will usually become unlevel and have difficulty closing slides that are traveling in uphill position. Jim
  3. Only way I can see that it could happen is if they are turning in on in the AC mode, not the propane mode, the electric element could be the causing the breaker to trip Jim
  4. Over a period of time I have noticed that the footprint of the slide is more visible in the carpet when slide is open. With a little effort you can vacuum the carpet and remover the imprint, It appear that the slide has settled over a period of time. There are adjustments that are visible to adjust the outer wall of the slide, but not for the inside, The vertical sealing surface are parallel to side wall when in sealed position. My style of the slide has a flexible strip covered with the slide carpet to provide the transition between the slide and fixed coach floor. Owners manual only reference for adjustment of slide is to contact local dealer. My manual doesn't identify the manufacturer of the slide mechanism. The bottom of the slide appears to a piece of white plastic material that provide a friction free surface and two exposed rack and pinion rails. Any advice on adjustment to uniformly raise the side 1/4" would be appreciated. I have searched the internet with no success. My coach is a 04 Holiday Rambler 40' PDQ. Jim
  5. F433921

    New Tire Balancing

    Have been running Hanhook AH 12 tires on my 04 Holiday Rambler for last seven years (50k miles) and none of the tires were balanced. I never experienced any vibration and there was no unusual wear on tires when removed due to age. I replaced them last week with Hanhook AH 35 and also had them mounted without balancing. Just completes a 1K mile trip that included driving freeway and secondary road driving and there was no signs of vibration or noises. When purchasing both sets of tires (different dealers) both dealers were neutral on the need to balance or not and recommended to drive them for a while to determine if it was needed. . Jim
  6. You should be able to determine if the inverter is providing a portion of your 110 v AC load by checking the load on you coach 12 DC system. Jim
  7. F433921

    ABS warning light

    I was able to locate ABS control module and the red fault lamp was illuminated. Following the instructions in owners manual I was able to reset the fault lamp on control module and ABS lamp in the dash cluster. Drove the remainder of trip (150 miles) without an ABS warning. All is well for now, thanks for your responses. Still would like to have a list of fault codes if anyone has them. I know at some point in time I will need them. My owners manual is quite complete, however it say to contact manufacturer for fault codes. When following the diagnostic instruction, I got a code (1 blink pause 1 blink) which per instructions indicated that no faults exist and that system was functioning properly. Jim
  8. F433921

    ABS warning light

    Haven't checked yet, will check this e evening. Was waiting until I had list of codes. Jim
  9. Does anyone have codes for 04 Holiday Rambled Endeavor with Roadmaster 8R8R chassis. ABS warning light came on when driving slow when entering paved surface from gravel shoulder. Jim
  10. All of the RV hydraulic jack on motor homes (3) that I have owned have had single acting cylinders (single hydraulic lines on each cylinder) and depend on either internal or external springs to retract. Leaving the cylinders in the extended position for extended periods will weakened the springs over a period of time. Jim
  11. Great job, looks like a 2019. Jim
  12. The fact that the last leg of the trip was driven with normal temperatures observed on all 4 tires by tire sensors and confirmed by heat gun, I doubt the bearing is generating the heat. It's a lot more likely that a brake shoe was dragging. Plus it's much easier to check the brake than the bearing, if nothing if found on brake then proceed to check bearing. Jim
  13. If the differential oil level was the cause of the overheating, wouldn't you see it on both inter wheels , not just one side? Jim
  14. I would check the turbo hose to make sure that all clamps are in place and that the hose has no leaks. JIm
  15. You will only need the inverter if 120 V AC is unavailable from either shore power or generator. I replaced my Norcold with the Samsung, I plugged the Samsung in the receptacle that powered the ice maker in the Norcold. The Samsung runs just fine on modified sine wave inverter. Jim
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