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  1. F433921

    Dead Battery

    The salesman switch doesn't interrupt an chassis circuits on my rig. Jim
  2. I have been running AH12 and am happy with their performance. I recently was in contact with tire shop and was advised that AH12 is no longer available and has been replaced with AH37. There has been several post recently on the use of regional tires on motorhomes and the consensus was that they were NOT recommended for motorhome use. JIm
  3. It's always nice when everything works after storage. I'm fortunate we have such mild winters and I store mine in my shop and we also use it year around. Jim
  4. I had same problem with 04 Endeavor, found oil pressure sending unit was the problem. The oil pressure sender on my coach consist of 2 function, one a NC contact that initiates an audible alarm on LOW OIL pressure and variable resistor that provides the signal to the OIL Pressure gauge. Jim
  5. Mine's a head knocker, I'm going going g to cut mine back. It's been on the to do list for seven years, Jim
  6. I have stayed at both, I prefer the KOA because of the large indoor swimming pool. Don't take me wrong Grizzly is nice and offers a great lo action in town. Jim
  7. F433921

    Bedroom Slide

    Are the shaft seal adequate to hold oil? Jim
  8. F433921

    Bedroom Slide

    Ray, Do you think it's worth the effort to be proactive and perform maintenance on the gear boxes or to run until failure? Was the failure do to lack of lubricant or contamination on the lubricant?
  9. I have the DishNet Tailgater, and it has worked for me. The only inconvenience is it requires refreshing if you have extended periods of non use. I've had my for about six years and in the early day you had to contact them by phone to perform the refreshing and many time you got a customer support person who had no idea on what I was talking about. They now have an app for your cell phone and its a breeze to do it. Jim
  10. If you have wiring diagram you can determine what devices that initiate audible alarms and also those that initiate both audible and visual alarms. You can first narrow the problem by determine which audible alarm is bring initiated, on my coach there are 3 audible device under the dash. I had a similar problem on my Holiday Rambler last year and found that my engine low pressure only initiated an audible alarm, there was no associated warning lamp. Jim
  11. F433921

    Class A tires

    I'm a creature of habit, if it works don't change it. I have been running HANHOOK tires on my motorhomes. I have replaces them when the tires reached 7 years old from date of manufacturing. I have never experienced any uneven tread wear, blowouts, road damage or weather related damage. All tires have been in service without balancing. I run 225-75-22.5 tires HANHOOK AH 12, they a no longer available, their replacement is an AH 37. Jim
  12. Welcome aboard, hope you have many adventures in your future.
  13. Glad to hear that you solved the problem, it's always rewarding when you can find the problem and correct without going shopping. Jim
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