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Quadra Big Foot Maintenance question

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Working at catching up with some small maintenance issues - one of these is for my Quadra Big Foot (Leprechaun 319MB Coach) leveling system. The "manual" (more like a pamphlet) says:

"Limit Switches

Maintenance: Spray clevis pin with Teflon Spray or apply grease again. You should annually detach the limit switch assembly and re-grease the ball."

First, I"m not sure what they mean by "Limit Switches" - maybe those are the devices that detect the jack being fully raised? There are no pictures, and nothing around what I think are the limit switches that looks to me like a "clevis pin." but there is a small rod that comes down from the electrical part of the limit switch that the jack foot touches when it's raised. 

Are they telling me to spray that rod, aka clevis pin, annually? If not that, what?


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