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Fuses location

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Hank, Think The dash panel fuse box is located in the bay, the power inverter is located.

        located in the inverter compartment bay, is the Freightliner fuse panel. The following diagram is for reference only.

2006 Mandalay Owners Manual link.

              https://www.rvroundtable.com/wp-content/uploads/Thor-Motor-Coach/Outlaw Class A/2006.MandalayOwnersManual.pdf

Look at section 9  Page 16, shows a 12 fuse panel - Labeled Panel fuse rated 15 amps. Think that one might be what you are looking for.


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When looking for fuses look everywhere. I am having an issue with one of my 12 volt lights in the front passengers side. I found a fuse panel in a compartment in the rear of the bedroom where the DW keep her sweaters. Friends have found panels in their closets, even had a friend that an RV service tech find a fuse wrapped up in a bundle of wires under has dash. Go figure.

It's like the ole tail about a coke bottle inside a fender well with a note saying, "Bet you had a hard time finding this". Sometimes I almost feel the same about some RV builders.

Now off my soap box. Hope you find the fuse.


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