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membership renewal via FMCA website

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In my opinion upping the dues $25 per year to include an underperforming assistance program was a very poor financial decision by FMCA.   What members don't hear is all the cases that were turned down by Seven Corners because they don't fit the very strict criteria.  That is why there were only 145 cases last year (according to what I read) that were actually helped. 145 - that's a very small number, and certainly way more than that had medical issues, accidents and injuries.  I for one will not pay the additional for renewing my membership. I believe FMCA will see  a large decrease in members due to this increase. I get the same tire discount with Tiffin Allegro Club or CoachNet, and I am a SkyMed Member and would not give that up for anything.  The fact that they cover a helicopter or ground ambulance from a 911 call, which FMCAssist does not, alone makes it worth belonging to SkyMed. I've talked to way too many people stuck with a $40,000+ bill from a Medical Helicopter.  

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On 8/31/2019 at 11:38 AM, 76GMC said:

I did not hear of this huge increase in renewal fees until the office was closed on Aug 30. I sent a message requesting an adjustment - we’ll see if that goes anywhere.

If not - I guess the membership will drop by one in November...

One post and this is it? 

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