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recommended dehumidifiers

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F452659.  Welcome to the Forum! :)

Ivation IVADM 10, best for RV's up to 1,500 cu. ft. has a built in water holding reservoir, see thru, that needs to be emptied every other day, it will shut it's self off, when it reads full.  Amazon. 

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A little more information would be helpful. Are you looking for a dehumidifier for times when you're on the coach or when it's parked/stored?

If you're having problems with moisture building when you are in the coach, it might be a good idea to check on the various systems to be sure that everything is working properly. The a/c unit should be capable of removing moisture while it's running in the cooling season, and the heating system typically dries out the air in the heating season.

If there is a problem with moisture build up during the heating season, I'd want to double check the venting on the furnace. A by product of combustion is moisture, and a poorly-vented furnace can dump lots of moisture into the interior of the coach (along with CO gas). Same goes for those vent-free LP heaters - they dump lots of moisture.

If all your systems are working properly and you suddenly find lots of moisture, then it's time to start searching for the leak to see where the moisture is coming in.

Please let us know more about what you're asking so we can better help you.

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