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Forming A Roadtrek Group

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I am not sure if this is the place to do it or not, but I would like to get to know other Roadtrek owners and maybe form a group within FMCA. I am currently a member of Roadtek International and this certainly in not an intent to overshadow this group. I noticed that there are other RV manufacturer groups and just thought it might be fun to organize a Roadtrek group within FMCA. My wife and I would like to get to know other Roadtrek owners, as well as other Class B owners so we can share things and our travels together.

This is just a thought. Hope to hear from other Roadtrek owners about this idea.

Take care and happy RV'ing.

Skip & Nancy Post (2Drifters)

Fox Island, WA

Email: 2drifters@trekdrifters.com

Blog: http://trekdrifters.blogspot.com

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"Reporting Live" from the 82nd International Convention --

Hello, Skip & Nancy!

Of course, the FMCA Forums area is the perfect place to explore forming another Roadtrek-related Chapter. Many current FMCA Chapters are outgrowths and / or overlays of existing Chapters.

Since the Roadtrek International Chapter is part of the FMCA's International Area, one very simple way you might want to go, is to establish one or more Area-specific Chapters. The community of GMC Motorhome owners has done this successfully, and has some 20 active Chapters alongside the "umbrella" GMC Motorhomes International Chapter.

The FMCA has a Chapter "startup kit", with a collection of documents and information on chartering a new Chapter: just contact the Chapters department at FMCA HQ for further details. In the meantime, other Forum members who might be reading this thread, join in and let everyone know of your shared interest.

As always, "Happy Cybercamping!"

Michael Canode, F13059S

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Skip & Nancy,

Welcome to the Forum. Forming a Chapter is very easy. Post a Blog to have RT owner send you a personal message so you can contact them. When you have 20 people or more that are FMCA members sign a request form and send it to the FMCA office. There will be a few steps to take that the people in the office will help you with. It will take a short period of time for this to all take place, but in the mean time get all those people that signed up together for a Rally.

tmorning will see this and he can direct you through the paperwork.

Hay, even if the people you know are not members of FMCA give them a sign up form and get them to join, New Members, New Chapter.

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