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Water System Pressure

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OK folks,

I have a confusing situation.  I'm not sure how this is possible, but, I have a 2006 Newmar Essex DP and when I hook up to City Water, I get no water. 

How I understand the water system is, when I hook up to city water, turning the pump on is not required because the pressure from the source is all I should need and the valve diverts the water past the pump.  See attached picture for reference.  Now for some reason, when I hook up to city water and turn the valve to City Water (Auto Override), as pictured, I get no water.  To get water, I have to turn the valve to the Auto Tank Fill / Auto City Supply position and use the pump to get water from the tank while the city water fills the tank.  Then if I don't watch it, it overfills the water tank and comes out the tank overflow.  Can someone help me out here please. 

If I understand it correctly, for one, when the tank fills, there should be a auto shutoff valve to stop it from over filling and two, when I have the valve on City Supply, it should bypass the tank/pump and go straight to the sinks/showers etc.  I do use a pressure regulator and keep the pressure between 40-50 psi. all the filters are brand new and I have checked all the lines for kinks.

 Is there a directional solenoid operated valve somewhere that may be malfunctioning that I'm overlooking? 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

Also, another quick item, why does my pump cycle on/off when I'm not using any water? Faulty seal in the pump that is causing it to lose pressure? I don't have any leaks that I could find in the system. 

Thanks. again.



2006 Newmar Essex Water Source Selection Valve.pdf

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There is no high water level shutoff inline(to my knowledge) to stop city water flow into the storage tank, you are the water level monitor and shut-off.

The pump head has a back-flow prevention valve inside, that has probably failed. You may purchase the pump head only if the motor is running properly.

I suggest you trace the plumbing line from city water connection to where it Tee's into the coach plumbing - oh, never mind I see you have already done that.  You may be right, the electric solenoid is sticking and not completely moving the valves to direct city water into your coach plumbing. If that is true, the fix might be as simple as disassembling that valve and replacing  "O" rings, then very lightly rubbing them with Vaseline before re-assembly.

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