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Leveling Jacks Do Not Fully Retract

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While my coach is in storage for the six weeks, I'll have a few weekends to do some minor maintenance work.  One item I'd like to address are my leveling jacks.   I have an Equalizer leveling system on my coach that generally works well.  However at the end of all seven LSU football weekends this past fall, the leveling jacks would not fully retract with one push of the "All Retract" button on the controls keypad.   Most times I had to push the "all retract button" twice (a few times three times) for the jacks to fully retract.   Outside of checking the hydraulic oil system (reservoir is full, no leaks) I don't know what else to try to get the jacks to fully retract with one push of the button.   

To compare and contrast, my prior coach had a Lippert leveling system that with one push of the button would fully retract the jacks. 

The Equalizer Leveling System looks like this --> https://eqsystems.us/product-category/motorhomes/class-a-diesel/

My keypad controller is this one -->  Auto Level Keypad #3103 - EQ Systems

What thoughts does the forum have as to why I need to push the "all retract" button at least twice to get the jacks to fully retract?    Thanks for the help!

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Might have dirty contact on the touch pad. Call the manufacture and ask if you can spray contact cleaner in or on the pad. I would call before you spray.


(Could be the Gumbo you spilt on the touch pad, :rolleyes:)

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I had the same issue with my jacks. I found grease fittings at the lower portion of each jack assembly. I cleaned the rams with silicone spray, wipe off excess and greased all the fittings (4 in all) and the issue was fixed. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick responses!  I'll clean / lubricate the rams as suggested (a maintenance task I haven't done on this coach). 

I submitted my jack's retraction issue to Equalizer Customer Support Team and received the following response below.  If I do have a bad "pressure switch" on the levelers hydraulic system, is replacing that switch a DIY job?   Likewise, if I have a wiring problem for the pressure switch is that a DIY effort?   I appreciate any thoughts / insights / guidance the "forum wizards" have!


My Submission to Equalizer:

Please describe your Service/Support needs or Questions



During outings to LSU football games this past fall, to retract the leveling jacks required pushing the "All Retract" button at least twice (and occasionally three times) for the leveling jacks to fully retract. The hydraulic fluid reservoir is full (no leaks anywhere). I would think the leveling jacks would fully retract with one push of the "All Retract" button.

My controller looks like Auto Level Keypad #3103. Any suggestions on what I need to adjust / fix so that the leveling jacks fully retract with one push of the "All Retract" button?

Thanks for the help!!


The Response from Equalizer:


You are having issues with the pressure switch signal.

To trouble shoot, go to the hydraulic pump look for a YELLOW  wire WITH A BLACK STRIPE it goes to the pressure switch.  Disconnect it from the pressure switch and put it to ground, you can use the same ground stud on the side of the pump. But make sure it is connected to ground.

Once that wire is grounded, extend both front and rear jacks just to get the indicator lights to turn “on” then hit the “all retract”, the system should start running.


  1. The system runs continuously - it means the pressure switch is bad


  1. The system shuts off between 5-7 seconds - that means that you have a bad connection on that yellow wire with black stripe. It is either broken somewhere or it came off the plug somewhere on the harness connection



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