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2014 Itasca Ellipse 42QD.

I have a saying "Easy Day" which means this.... when something bad happens / something breaks, and you start to think.... oh crap, this will cost a couple hundred bucks to fix (or in some cases thousands) but after a few minutes you've got it fixed for nothing, or almost nothing.

Today's example:

Exhaust fan's cover opens but fan doesn't come on.

Check fuse: It's good.

Check switch: It's good (continuity check)

Check for voltage at switch: None.

Go up on the roof to look for a part number on the other side of the fan and just for giggles I jiggle the ground wire..... fan comes on....  and there you have it.... Just a loose ground wire

Sharing this experience to if anyone else has an inop exhaust fan after checking fuse and switch... check ground.

Here's the pics:  Red arrow pointing at ground wire. This is the top of the fan.  





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So did you take the connection apart and clean it and treat it with corrosion preventative so you don't need to go back up on the roof next week? 


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