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Jeep brakes locked on

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I have a 2018 Jeep Rubicon that I tow behind my Allegro Bus. I have an Air Force 1 brake system that I have used for three years with no problems. I had to make a panic brake application in Phoenix rush hour traffic. I didn't notice that the brake indicator light on my Jeep was on until later. I stopped and the brakes had not released so I disconnected the air line and drained the emergency break away in order to get off the interstate. When I disconnected the Jeep I had no brakes other than the e brake. I have taken it to a shop and am waiting on replacement parts. Brake lines and caliper pistons are all compromised and burnt. Once new parts are on we will pressure everything up to check for leaks. Strangely the brake master cylinder is full of fluid but the pedal goes to the floor. As the Air Force 1 is a pneumatic system is it possible that a valve in the control box malfunctioned and did not allow the air to release after a brake application? Still in the process of analyzing this but any input is appreciated.

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