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12 Volt LED TV W/DVD

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Welcome to FMCA!!

The AC/ DC requirement limits the number of suppliers. That removes what I would consider the more highly rated manufactures.

Do you have a reason for the DC capability ? Many of the 22in. LED units will run on small inverters.

you might look into this unit, although its not from a main stream manufacturer.

Axess TV1701-22 22-Inch 1080p Digital HDTV, LED AC / DC TV Full HD with HDMI and USB


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I'm with Rich about a small inverter to run just about any brand of small led tv, as they have very low input current needs.

But Camping World has Jensen brand 12 volt in several sizes, and almost any truck stop carries 12 volt TV's. Only problem with most of these is, they are a lot more expensive than just using an inverter. I have a Vizio 24 inch, and a vizio 42 inch that run on one 500 watt inverter with power to spare.

Good luck with your search


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I would not buy a TV with a DVD player. If the DVD player quits working are you going to replace the whole unit? Get a TV and a separate DVD player.

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