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Class-B Mod's Req'd_toTow w/40'DP

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Want to tow a Class-B ('04 Roadtrek /Chevy 3500).

What are any/all the best recommended mod's req'd: ie:

1. Drivetrain Disconnect vs. Lube Pump

2. Electrical connections/disconnects

3. Best Tow System & Aux Brake

4. Any Other "Experience" recommendations

Any specific recommendations/references, ASAP, would be greatly Appreciated!!



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Welcome to the Forum.
1. Drive Shaft Disconnect. Lube pump may fail, DSD is positive.
2. Have tail/stop lights wired with diodes.
3. M &G is very good but I don't think one can fit due to clearance. SMI is also a good unit.
4. Make sure you have enough hitch and tow bar.


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Compute your tow rating to see if towing a Class B is possible...it is the lowest of:

1. GCWR minus the actual weight of the tow vehicle when ready to tow.

2. Hitch tow rating.

3. Coach tow rating.

4. Chassis tow rating.

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