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stratman50th and Stan Rollins,


Welcome to the Forum.

I am Hillcrest 1318 Dallas, Texas (48 years). It is not unheard of for a Chapter to be started at the FMCA Family Reunions. Put out the word here that you would like to get together during a Reunion and get 20 coaches to sign up and then submit a petition to Cincinnati.

By the way Charlie Adcock, FMCA National President is also a brother.


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Thanks Herman, I think it's worth a try. I'll keep monitoring here and see how many show up to our little communication. We should try and do something, even if it's just a club within the club. Hey! We can issue lapel pins! LOL ;) We can't do this without having some appropriate bling for the tux, right?


York Rite

Druid Royal Arch Chapter No 28

Cockeysville MD

Knights Templar Crusade Commandry No. 5

Cockeysville, MD

32 degree A&A Scottish Rite of Masonry, SJ, USA

Valley of Baltimore

Orient of Maryland

Civil War Lodge of Research 1865

Highland Springs, VA

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Hi Brothers! Works for me and I have to be at FMCA Madison Reunion.

Harmony #6, Galveston, TX

Scottish Rite, Galveston, TX

El Mina Shrine Temple, Galveston, TX. (endowed on all) Director Emeritus

Arabia Shrine, Houston

Ben Hur, Austin

Alzafar, San Antonio (associate member on all)

There used to be a "Roamin Nobles" Chapter INTO.

Carl C.

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Greetings Brothers, I just happen upon your information on Brothers thinking on forming a chapter I am currently WM Seventy Six #14 Swanton Lodge and 32* Valley of Burlington VT and would be interested. PS you do know there is a camping club in the Brotherhood right.

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