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Looked around to see if I could find a Link to a FMCA Magazine article database some where and could not find anything.

There is so much information in the past and present issues, I'm thinking an article index would be very beneficial.

Would it be a possibility to create a library index for members and guests?


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All magazines from January 2013 and forward available to you in digital form any time you wish to look at them. This means all of 2013, and 2014, plus up to today's 2015 magazines.

Each January, we publish a Technical Articles Index. So, as far back as January 2013, at least you can search 2013, 2014, and 2015 indexes (these will list stories that ran in 2012 and forward). Once you find something you want to read in the index, you can go from there.

This is obviously not the same as putting "generator fix" in a search box and then getting a list of results. But it does help you find things you may need to read.

This Technical Articles Index lists only technical articles and motorhome reviews. It is not a complete list of every article run.

To access the January issues of FMC in digital form and find the Technical Articles Index:

Go to http://fmcmagazine.com/. Click on digital edition. Open any magazine. On the open page, click on the upper right hand icon that looks like a little file-folder called Archive. Then select the magazine you wish to read.

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