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  1. The simplest way to see how much bandwidth you have used in any billing cycle is to log into your internet service provider's online account system and check on its user dashboard. To monitor internet usage on a home router, you can: Navigate to your router login panel on your web browser. Look for Advanced Setup. Search for Traffic Monitoring, Traffic Meter, or something similar. Turn on traffic monitoring if it isn’t already active. Look for the monitoring options. Choose Apply, Update, or any other option that starts the monitoring. You can also do an internet search for how to monitor internet usage on home router to get information network monitoring tools software.
  2. Luxury Coach Service, 1750 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX is our go-to service facility. I just talked to Dodie Pratz (Owner) -- they are now scheduling service appointments in February. This is probably later that you need but I recommend them.
  3. Here's a guide on how to get diagnostic codes and what the codes mean.Allison 3000 / 4000 Transmission Select and Diagnostic Code
  4. Information can be found on the FMCA Website: Fuel Discounts | FMCA
  5. The Country Coach Interntional chapter has a lot of contacts and information to help CC owners. https://countrycoachclub.com/Slider
  6. Please PM me with forum account user name so I can research the problem and get back to you.
  7. The contact information for Shade Pro can be found in the FMCA RV Market Place. The contact information is: Shade Pro Inc 800-328-5100 2505 Folex Way / Spring Valley, CA 91978 USA
  8. Doc, I agree with your interpretation of the policy terms. But there are two examples that come to mind involving actual incidents where FMCA members I know that serve to demonstrate how Seven Corners, in conjunction with the attending physician at the nearest facility have determined the member needed to be transported to their personal physician for treatment. One involved a cardiac issue and the other a knee replacement. In both instances, FMCAssist covered the costs associated with local transport and the subsequent travel to home. Ken
  9. Bill, Just so everyone know the source for RV Travel post, it is in part based on information distributed last week to FMCA's Governing Board members. It also reflects the attitude of a disgruntled competitor. FMCA is the largest member-owned RV club and, as such, has an open communications philosophy. EVERY member has access to all financial information, board meeting minutes and details about all committees and reports. Simply go the the Governance tab at the bottom of your profile page for the link to the Governance site. The issues presented in the GB Communication are intended to both inform members of the financial and operational issues and it provides a natural stimulus for members to provide input and comment about their concerns. It goes without saying that we are in midst of a perfect-storm in the RVing world. FMCA's value proposition is under attack brought about by technological and generational changes demanding new methods of imparting information FMCA historically provides through conventions, rallies and seminars. The leadership of FMCA is being guided by it's member suggested key focus areas related to revitalization of all aspects of the organization, marketing and branding, technology, volunteer engagement all of which requires open communication. The most important things we members can do is to get valid information - such as is available on the Governance site - and participate in discussions to use that information in valid ways to support the influence the orderly evolution of FMCA. Secondly, from a financial perspective, recruit new members. Especially younger, diversified, creative and willing to promote the RVing community. Being willing to participate in supporting FMCA also entails offering oneself to service in support of Chapters, Areas and National Committees. Additional information about volunteering can be found on the Member Engagement webpage, a link for which can be found on your Member Profile page -- it's a tile on the left-hand side of the display under the Member Directory tile when viewing the screen on laptop or computer.
  10. The best approach is to Contact FMCA's Chapter Services department by e-mailing chapters@fmca.com or calling (800) 543-3622.
  11. One of the Member Engagement Survey respondents suggested a feature be added to the Forum and would allow members to receive weekly emails of forum posts. The good news is that functionality already exists. All a user needs to do is to click on the Follow tab at the top right part of the screen for the topic category.
  12. Increasing membership engagement is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations of all types and sizes. Finding ways to engage the needs of the “next generation” of members is ultimately what keeps an organization going. FMCA has created a Membership Engagement Committee to develop strategies that can be used to get members more involved. Help FMCA president Jon Walker achieve his vision of FMCA becoming a more member-driven organization! Please provide your feedback by taking this quick survey, and watch this video about Jon’s vision. Here is the survey and video link: Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFRhyuUIxcE Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RMCBY2R
  13. We had ours fixed at Luxury Coach Services, 1750 E. IH 30, Rockwall. 972-771-8200. Dale Pratz is the owner and his firm, an FMCA Commercial member, is a full service RV repair & service facility.
  14. The Beaver Ambassador Club is an FMCA Chapter which as a Technical Forum on its website: http://beaveramb.org/technical-support/ They may have access to the wiring diagrams or provide other information.
  15. Now my towable friends can join in our FMCA activities. To me it’s all about the fellowship and fun not the platform.
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