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  1. lived in pa all our lives. can't wait to leave. bad roads, high taxes. bad officials. over regulation, and high prices. will be back to visit, doctors, etc. will be heading south and west.
  2. retiring in october and going full time over the road. trying to figure out where to call home and what mail service to use. was thinking of south dakota and using americas mailbox for mail service. made arrangements to stay at their campground. long story, be we ended up not being able to get a appointment with sd dot for driver license and plates. americas mailbox would only refund 1/2 od our payment because of less than 14 day notice. was only was 16 days when reservations were made. so, any ideas. texas is high, also tennesee.
  3. wife and i are planning to retire in october. hitting the road in a 2002 alfa seeya. we are planning to do mostly boondocking, so we need to add solar. alter looking at videos, and talking to people, i am more confused than i started. does anyone sell a complete kit, start to finish. i can do the install, just need to know what to get. need to update the inverter and batterys to lithium. any help would be appreciated.
  4. thank you kaypsmith. i will check it out this weekend. anyone know what the correct volts coming into the gauge should be. is 7 correct or should it be 12? i am tempted to cut the power in the harness and run a 12 jump wire. any thoughts?
  5. thank you kaypsmith. i will check it out
  6. i have a 2002 alfa seeya we bought in august. fuel gauge only works part of the time. stays all the way to the right most of the time. pulled gauge out of dash. i am getting 7 volts at gauge. should it be volts? if so, what would cause low volts. all other gauges work fine.
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