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  1. You can use Camco for the awning clean, it is tested to be safe for generally all kinds of awning fabrics. It is a highly concentrated cleaning product, so you need to dilute it in some water for regular cleaning purposes. Just 4 ounces of this cleaner mixed into a gallon of water is strong enough to clean even the largest RV awning thoroughly.
  2. You can read how to replace RV awning rollers here. I hope this helps you.
  3. Sturdy, well-built, comes with all the parts you'd need and more, and works as intended. The only concern is that the documentation should be a little clearer on how to install. My favorite feature is the ability to tilt on the go without having to unscrew. The lock stays in place. In approximately 30 minutes, we were mounted and in our camper.
  4. This appliance from Farberware is quite possibly the most compact portable camping dishwasher I have ever had the pleasure of using. This machine is so small that it is considered portable. If you have a small travel trailer with dishwasher and you usually go on trips alone or with another person, then it should be the right size for your needs.
  5. This is how to manually retract RV steps in case things malfunction and you are in the middle of nowhere. You can read more.
  6. Fully extend your slide-out. Look for the rubber seals of the slide-out. Pull the seals aside to expose the metal components – Spray a liberal amount of lubricant on all the moving parts like the gears, sliders, and the track, and any exposed metal parts so that they will not get rusty or pitted over time.
  7. Garmin is a global leader in navigation system manufacturing, offering mapping and GPS systems for the maritime, aviation, automobile, and fitness industries. Garmin devices include information on sites of interest, RV parks, and other locations.
  8. Flame King gas grill is also great. You can hook the grill to your RV’s propane line using a quick-connect hose (included). Alternatively, you can connect it to freestanding propane tanks.
  9. When it comes to warranty, Michelin tires would be ideal due to its extended warranty of 10 years. Michelin has a wide range of tire selection for different heavy-duty vehicles, so you can easily choose according to your preference. From RV campers, motorhome to huge trucks, Michelin has RV tires for all of them.
  10. Cleaning the RV fresh water tank is necessary to eliminate any potentially hazardous pollutants that may be present. Ingesting algae and dangerous bacteria can raise the likelihood of health problems such as vomiting, fever, and gastroenteritis. You can find more information about how to sanitize RV freshwater tanks.
  11. I love the idea of not having to grab the keys to unlock it. There is also a remote fob included which can be really useful when trying to load up something and have full hands. Carmtek is a well-made RV lock, feels very solid, it's way heavier than the one originally on our camper. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the price but security is a big piece of my mind!
  12. LATCH.IT is a great keyless entry door lock. It has a long operation distance, an all-metal body, and an easy-to-install process. You can consider it.
  13. If you are dealing with a slight impediment, a plunger might be a feasible option. Because it is commonly found in RVs, this tool should be your first choice for attempting to clear the blockage. or you can use boiling water. However, ensure that the pieces of your toilet are strong enough to withstand the high temperatures.
  14. We bought Weber after reading several reviews on it and several other portable grills. It's ideal for our class A motorhome, and we bought a lovely plastic tote that's the perfect size for storing it. Cooks really well, has excellent heat distribution, and is also very easy to clean. Weber produces high-quality products. I definitely suggest it! We also bought a Webber adaptor, a bonnet cover, Minnie barbecue tools, and a wire scraper.
  15. I think both Rand McNally and Garmin are great. Rand McNally offers bigger devices, allowing them to install better speakers. These come in handy when you wish to answer more calls on the hands-free mode. The details about points of interest, RV parks, and other locations are available on Garmin devices. Rand McNally, on the other hand, doesn’t offer much in these terms.
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