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  1. Williston RV Park in Williston, FL is an excellent park.....activities, pool, wifi, cable, quiet town! Also Rockcrusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River is an excellent park with all the amenities..... George
  2. We originally bought a 2008 373 model Georgetown and experienced the lemon of lemons.....17 total weeks in the service shop...never resolved all items...went to mediation....chose a different model..374!......had much better experiences other than recent hydraulics problems resolved mostly through extended warranty! We have about 23000 miles to date and love the layout! George
  3. We purchsed a used WIFI off Ebay, then actviate at will ...5G per month data package more than you will ever need...cost $50...well worth it and has provided excellent strong signals even in the mountains of northeast Georgia...no complaints...can use up to 5 devices at the same time also.....no contract required...when done using..suspend service through the internet website for Verizon... George
  4. I had a leak on my front passenger slide that brought water into a cabinet area.....treid to locate the leak without any success...then went on a Forest River Forum and found that some people had noticed they had leaks that were due to the topper brackets not being sealed ,,,thus water found an easy tract through the back of the topper seal and down into the inside of the slide walls..... I bought some RTV sealant and sealed the entire bracket area sides, back, and top......problem solved.... George 2008 Forest River Georgetown 374 .
  5. We had a similar experience in our 2008 Forest River 374 with 3 slides...found wet carpet in a cabinet on the outside edge of one slide. It actually turned out to be a fault in design whereas the manufacturer failed to seal the bracket holding the slide topper...the rain found the easy access down behind the topper bracket and into the inside of the slide to the flooring/carpet..I sealed the top of the bracket heavily with RTV...solved! George
  6. I had Coach Net with my purchase of my 2008 Georgetown Motorhome, and need assistance when in New Mexico...total dash had no power,,,,called CN and they told me to drive 90 miles back...no other options!......My Good Sam service has been always there including picking up my car adn bringing it to a tire dealer for repairs! So......my vote is for Good Sam George
  7. I have just completed my second refi with ESSEX credit and the entire process was somewhat lengthy yet successful! They require a lot of paperwork, nut the end result is worth the time....George
  8. In Dillard, Georgia there is an excellent RV park..RV Vista Motorhome Resort....large lots, all amenities and close to North Carolina...a mile or so~ we stayewd all August and loved it... George
  9. I have a 2008 Forest River Georgetown Class A motorhome. Following Christmas, I spent a couple of weeks traveling throughout southern Florida. The temperatures ranged down to below freezing, and when breaking down at the campsite, the 50-ampere power cord was quite reluctant to coil up with ease. I am searching for a replacement power cord that will be much more flexible in lower temperatures. George
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