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  1. Call your chassis manufacturer (Freightliner, Spartan) with your motorhome's VIN and they can provide the correct part number(s). They can also provide the parts.
  2. As a point of comparison, three years ago the turbo was replaced in my 2009 Fleetwood Discovery at a cost of $6,000. It was done by Mainline Truck in Bedford (Cleveland), Ohio. I have no doubt it's higher now, but I doubt it would be $11,000.
  3. Try removing the cable from the back of the panel, then inspect to see if there is any corrosion or oxidation on the cable end and socket contacts. If so, clean the contacts, then spray both the cable end and socket with contact cleaner. If that resolves the issue consider putting some dielectric grease into the socket to prevent further issues.
  4. The Garmin 780 includes vehicle "Profiles". You can create multiple profiles, then select the one that's appropriate for your trip. In your case you'd likely create a profile just for the motorhome for when you're not towing and a second one for when you are towing. The information below is from the 780's User Guide. You can download the guide here: https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/rv780/EN-US/RV_780_OM_EN-US.pdf Adding a Vehicle Profile You should add a vehicle profile for each camper to be used with your device. 1. Select Settings > Vehicle Profile > . 2. Select your vehicle type:• - To add a motorhome with a permanently attached camper, select Motorhome.• - To add a motorhome pulling a trailer, select Motorhome with Trailer.
  5. srsnure

    Maxxforce Engine

    Hello Herman, I know the subject is an old post of yours, but what are the reasons you wouldn't buy a Monaco coach made after 2008? Thanks in advance - Steve
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