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  1. No need for Velcro, stick-ons or suction cups. I just set my EZ-Pass on the dash down by the windshield...five years ago. It’s still there.
  2. You still have this problem, three years from your original post? You’ve got to be kidding.
  3. I just replaced 10 year old Michelin drive tires with a set of 4 Yokohama’s. Went up one size, from 275/75R 22.5 to 295/80R 22.5. Also went from 14 ply to 16 ply, which means I can drop the pressure about 10 psi from 95 to 85. So far I’m very happy with the new tires.
  4. I’m sorry, but that’s just nuts! Why in the world would you ever do that? And, as manholt said, it’s an unenforceable law with no teeth. Those files represent a treasure trove of valuable information for a new owner...no matter how the vehicle is sold. I liken it to an aircraft log book. I have a three-ring binder that contains every service invoice that has been written on my coach...from day one. I also use a custom software program I wrote that contains every maintenance record and every trip record...also from day one. All of this will go to the new owner when we ultimately sell the coach.
  5. Mileage on a motor home means nothing when determining its value. It’s all about the year of manufacture. That’s it.
  6. We own a 2006 Mandalay 40E. Same Freightliner chassis. We replaced the hydraulic fan motor twice last year. (Don’t ask why...☹️) The part was available and not that expensive. Find another dealer, or call Freightliner in Gaffney direct. 855-253-0421. Or Freightliner Help at 800-385-4357. I have found that support for motor homes in the Freightliner dealer network is a joke.
  7. I would never purchase a brand-new motorhome from anybody. The as-built quality control on all of them is terrible. We purchased a 6-year old motorhome that had all the “new” issues fixed over the years. We also didn’t take that huge first-year hit in depreciation, either.
  8. We have used a Select Comfort air mattress in the sticks & bricks home for many years. Absolutely love it. One of the first things we did when we bought the motor home was to install the exact same Select Comfort model in the coach. Sleeping in the coach now is exactly the same as sleeping at home.
  9. Our Mandalay has the same furnace and thermostat setup. In ours, Zone 1 is the front and Zone 2 the rear. The single thermostat is actually two-in-one. Somewhere in the bedroom is a temperature sensor that lets the thermostat know what the temperature is back there. That’s how you get two zones out of a single thermostat.
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