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  1. We are currently on the AT&T Unlimited plan that is set to expire next month. We are using the Winegard TOGO (aka Roadlink C2). It was the greatest as we pre- paid $360 for unlimited data for 12 months. We rarely experienced any delay when watching Netflix on TV or YouTube on the computer. Then they canceled the plan. Bummer. They are offering several new plans but much more expensive. Does anyone know about the "AT&T Connected Car RV Pay as You Go Plan"? Plan cost is $325 prepaid for 100 GB for 12 months. Not sure if that is 100 GB each month or 100 GB for the entire 12 month period. Can't get thru to anyone at AT&T to find out.
  2. Thanks for you reply Richard5933. I have the manual but it doesn't show any preset profiles just individual settings like "Over Voltage Threshold", "Charging Limit Voltage", "Boost Charging Voltage", "Over-Discharge Time Delay" etc. Checked on the battery manf. website which shows some parameters but not all. Was hoping someone out there has one of these and fill in some blanks.
  3. I have a ML4860 MPPT Solar controller and three solar panels installed on my coach. I have 6-6VDC house batteries connected series/parallel for 12VDC to run things. While doing some battery maintenance I discovered the controller was set for SLA (Sealed Led Acid) rather then FLD (Open Flooded). The batteries needed quite a bit of water. Question is could this have caused the batteries to lose the water due to over charging? Battery sides are slightly bulged. There are 20 settings in the menu. How do I determine which settings are correct for the installed batteries. 4 batteries are Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL 6VDC 232Ah. 2 are US Battery US2200 6VDC 232Ah. I know mixing batteries is not ideal, but this is how it came.
  4. wayne77590, this is true. Program is still available until Jan 15, 2020. If you sign up before then you will have the service until Jan 2021. You need to pay the full one year fee up front. I think it is still $360 for the year ($30 a month) until the cut off date. As such I signed up Dec 2019 so I'll completely enjoy the unlimited service until Dec 2020. The info I have seen is that AT&T will offer data capped plans that will cost 3 to 5 times more. A shame. IMHO, AT&T will be losing almost every subscriber that owns a TOGO. Must have been a decision 'by committee' . I have come across several less expensive plans than the ones AT&T are going to offer and I'm sure in the coming year things will change.
  5. We started full timing July 2019. We wanted to stay connected while on the road so after researching several plans we decided on Sprint using a CoolPad hotspot (not thru FMCA). It is an unlimited data plan for $60 a month plus we had to buy the hotspot. Launching from Mesa, AZ we headed north to Salt Lake City UT, Devils Tower WY, then east all the way to Richmond VA then up the east coast to Nova Scotia. We only rarely had good enough service for watching a movie or surfing the web and email. We found the Sprint "coverage map" useless. Anywhere they showed solid coverage was not. We were constantly in contact with tech support up two levels. They kept saying they were having cell tower problems. Finally fully discouraged we canceled. No refund or credit for lack of service. Decided to try the AT&T TOGO (that will only work on the AT&T network for now) paying upfront $360 for a year of unlimited data . Bought the antenna from Amazon, followed connection instructions (using RV park Wifi) by Dave Bott on You Tube and are now enjoying unlimited data for $30 a month. Do not go to an AT&T store. This is available via internet only and the antenna only works with the AT&T network. Even though we had to invest a bunch of money on the TOGO unit we are still saving by using a system that works. Bad news is AT&Twill stop offering the service after Jan 15, 2020. The TOGO unit is actually a Winegard ConnecT 2.0. After Jan 15th Winegard will unlock the unit so it can be used with any service. All good things come to an end. Just wanted others that are considering the FMCA/Sprint plan to be aware of our experience. It would be great if this plan delivers but be aware.
  6. Thanks bm02tj and jleamont for your replies. I will be near Athens , Ga so I called the Allison Tech at W.W. Williams and decided to bring it in for service. It has 60k miles on it so it is time.
  7. The "trans oil filter warning" just came up on the display of my 2014 Allegro Red 33aa. Has an Allison 2500 transmission. Is this something I should take care immediately or can it wait? We are about 30 days from home base. Owners manual says I have 100 hours from the time the warning is issued.
  8. Thanks Wolfe10. Just went thru a thunder storm and I did unplug shore power as well as the CATV coax. I do not have a separate surge protector or an ems. I see other coaches with a variety of devices, some mounted inside some dangling from the power pedestal. I am just starting my RV adventure so I am still finding my way. Thanks for your insights and the info in this forum.
  9. In my Tiffin Allegro I have a TRC SurgeGuard 41260. I know it does not protect from faulty shore power but is this adequate protection from lighting surges? What ems is recommended to protect from shore power issues?
  10. Thanks for the info Richard5933.
  11. We have a 2014 Tiffin Allegro DP with a Cummins 340 HP engine and an Allison 2500 transmission. We are looking into a 3 month Workamping assignment. After sitting for that long what is the proper/recommended start-up procedure for the engine/transmission. We will be living in the motorhome during the assignment.
  12. Thanks for this review DaJoLo. Where have you been with it? I have been looking at the ToGo to replace the Sprint Coolpad (not thru FMCA but direct with Sprint). Went on the road starting in Arizona going East and North to Nova Scotia then South thru North Carolina. Never got better than 1mb connectivity even around major cities. Tough decision to abandon my Coolpad investment but the reduced monthly service charge will eventually pay me back. Do I read you correctly that the ToGo will amplify week campground WiFi?
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