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  1. I small correction, AT&T is NOT 'shutting down' the TOGO data, they are simply not going to offer the unlimited plan for $360.00 per year.
  2. Just FYI from a TOGO user. The unit works great with Verizon as well as AT&T. They are NOT 'shutting down', they simply are not going to offer the unlimited plan for $360.00 per year.
  3. I concur, went with the TOGO in August 2019, no real problems, very happy with the unit. Two points I'd like to make however. One: I have been in contact with TOGO and the unit is not 'Locked' to any one network provider. There is a sim card in the unit that can be changed to Verizon if wanted, but the unit itself comes with the AT&T sim card in it by default. Two: Just like the ConnecT 2.0, it has 3 signal amplifiers, and 5 antennas, 3 for WiFi and 2 for 4G (cell) so it also brings in the lower powered signals from WiFi and cell. In fact I have used it several times to park near Walmart, McDonalds etc.. and connect to their WiFi when my laptop computer couldn't find a strong enough signal. The 'Unlimited' plan from AT&T may be going away but if purchased before the 15th prepaid for a year (?!) I can't see them simply cutting you off, more like grandfather you in until your year is up with no renewal allowed. Well that would be a full year at $30.00 per month which is much cheaper than anywhere else.
  4. ditto what wolfe10 stated. My daughter worked for awhile in a "Fulfillment Center" which is just an order filling distribution center for various companies. She packaged items for 6 different companies and they did close down the week between Christmas and New Years, did not go back until usually the 4-5th of January. She said she now knows why when she orders things sometimes NO ONE at the company knows anything about the order, simply reason, they have nothing to do with the distribution.
  5. 14Fleetwood, You can pickup the Togo Roadlink from Winegard, Walmart.com, or https://rv.runswithtogo.com/product/togo-roadlink-c2/ Yes 5G is right around the corner which is supposed to be a great increase in everything, including cost. The internet is actually pretty speedy, have no problems streaming media or video calls with family. Not throttled and is $360.00 per year for unlimited. Verizon does have better coverage out in the western US, however with 3 high gain cellular and 2 high gain WiFi antennae, I have not seen much of a problem most anywhere. I been in several parks that have WiFi just not where most campers are, yet I have connected to their WiFi with no problems wile those around my rig were being dropped off because of low connect strength. Honestly speaking, 5G is not something I think is a must on my RV, even though I am full timer-nomad (no home base). Another thing to think about is the cell towers. For years RVers have been told that Verizon was the way to go, so they did, when you get into a park that is covered by 1 cell tower and 70% of the people in there are using it, network traffic is going to slow down for everyone.
  6. AndyShane Yes, I completely agree with your next-door neighbor. The Togo Roadlink works great. It not only allows for pretty fast internet over cellular but it also has 2 high gain antennae that pull in WiFi if it's available too. Have had no problems with it, myself, and the fact that it is simply 1 small 12V wire to power it installation is a breeze. To make it even easier, I used the refrigerator vent to run the power wire so no hole drilled into roof. Took all of 25 minutes and most of that was deciding where I wanted it and cleaning the roof to install it. More info at https://www.winegard.com or https://rv.runswithtogo.com/product/togo-roadlink-c2/
  7. I opted for the 'Togo Roadlink' with AT&T. Unlimited data for $360.00 a year. Back by Thor Motorcoach used to be available only to Airstream owners. It not only had unlimtied cellular data but you can also pull in WiFi from the surrounding locations, giving you stronger signal and better internet speed. Just fyi, the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G2 is the same as the Togo Roadlink, but onlly the Togo has the agreement for unlimtied@ $360.00 from AT&T. https://rv.runswithtogo.com/product/togo-roadlink-c2/ Or you can go to Winegard website for information.
  8. All I can say is please look into 'Togo Roadlink C2, 4G LTE Router and WiFi Extender with AT&T Unlimited Cellular Data $360.00 per year. I bought it and could not be happier.
  9. No the Togo Roadlink C2 service $360.00 yearly is not throttled and it works great, the unit is made by Winegard and is exactly the same as the ConnecT 2.0 4G LTE.
  10. All I can say is please look into 'Togo Roadlink C2, 4G LTE Router and WiFi Extender with AT&T Unlimited Cellular Data $360.00 per year. I bought it and could not be happier.
  11. I have written to FMCA several times with no real answer or response. All I can say is please look into 'Togo Roadlink C2, 4G LTE Router and WiFi Extender with AT&T Unlimited Cellular Data $360.00 per year. I bought it and could not be happier.
  12. I went with 'Togo Roadlink C2, 4G LTE Router and WiFi Extender. Pulls in public/private WiFi for a better connection and Unlimited Cellular Data with AT&T $360.00 per year. Could not be happier with my choice.
  13. Just bought a 'Togo Roadlink C2', and so far LOVE IT. The installation was a snap, and it functions exactly as advertised. The antenna unit is basically a Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G2, has only one wire (12V to a power supply) and creates a wireless network throughout the RV and outside. It helps pull in weak WiFi signals, and you can purchase a data plan through AT&T. I decided I would take the plunge and went with the "$360.00 12 month/unlimited data plan and could not be happier with the whole thing. Costs are $399.00 (total cost includes shipping) for the unit and $360.00 (includes all taxes and surcharges) to get 12 months of your very own WiFi network. Easily switch back and forth between using cellular data or public/private WiFi (whichever is better in your area). Now I have written to FMCA about this and was brushed off because they have an advertising/service deal with Verizon and Sprint, but I feel they should be more concerned about their members and giving them the best information out there for RVer's, but that's just me.
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