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  1. There should be a relay system to get 24 volts to start and then revert back to 12 volts so the alternator can charge every thing. I suggest that system has failed. Thus 2 charged batteries and 2 dead batteries. Richard
  2. A proper solar installation will have a switch between the panels and the controller. Richard
  3. The basic engine, as built and tuned by International, was OK. But Ford raised the HP and stretched the head bolts. Richard
  4. The starter relay, located in the right fender well, is a known high failure item. Turn on ignition, jump around the two big posts on the relay, and see if the starter engages. An independent Mobil service tech, might just be clever enough to help you along. Richard
  5. If memory serves me correctly, open the slide and cut an opening on the wall behind the slide. Or something like that. Probable a HR or Monaco forum will have a spot on answer. Richard
  6. Has it just quit working? Is the box good? If you were happy with what you had, maybe a new cooling unit will work for you. If you spend much time off grid, then a residential refrigerator will require a larger battery bank, more solar and more wiring. Richard
  7. Please tell us what brand and model of coach you have......Do you know what brand name the AC is? Richard
  8. Where are you located in the K.C. area? Richard
  9. Herman, I signed up with the VA 17 years ago. Corp. America threw me on the streets when I was 60 and it's hard to get a head full of gray hair employed again. GRIN. So I operated a small RV repair service until I was 70. I needed medical help until I was qualified for Medicare and then I moved most of my needs to Medicare but the VA meds are still cheaper. Thank you for your service. Richard
  10. Can you explain further why a Vet can't just join the VA. I am a Vet. I have no disabilities and didn't serve in a war zone. I belong to the VA and receive my meds from them. All that is required is an annual physical. Richard
  11. Are you a veteran? If so, join the VA. Their services are available in most all states. I've found NM, AZ & NV pharmacies easy to deal with. Call ahead and see if any of the pharmacies, in those states, can help you. Just make sure you have all the meds you need before entering CA. CA is not user friendly. Richard
  12. I doubt that the switch is your problem. I suspect the relay that the switch controls is the problem. That relay should be in your Battery Control Center. Parts and wiring printed on the inside of the BCC cover. You could move all the big wires, on that relay, to one post and see if the problem goes away. Richard
  13. Yes, you have a F53 chassis. The cheep handling fix does NOT apply to your year of chassis. If you need rear sway bar bushings, find scooter dude on eBay. He has top quality stuff. Richard
  14. Deborahheinz, you are a much kinder person than I. I wouldn't have moved over for the little darlings. I weight over 200# and the little monsters probably weight under 100#. Could be they would have learned a hard lesson. Richard
  15. I believe the Maxxforce engine is the same V8 that Ford over tuned and stretched the head bolts, thus blowing head gaskets Precede with caution. Richard
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