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  1. Which fuse? The fuse for the 120 volt heaters or the 12 volt fuse for the circuit board and control circuit. Richard
  2. We handled the terrain in our 95 Bounder gasser in 2013. Your newer coach should be just fine. The roads in Canada and Alaska are no different than the roads in the lower 48. Richard
  3. The Forward Threshold Voltage is the amount of voltage needed to get the PN junction to conduct and allow current to flow in the forward direction. It's around 0.3V for Germanium and 0.6V for Silicon. If the voltage reached those thresholds, the lights would be beyond dim. They would be out. Richard
  4. So much worry about the generator starting with the AC turned on. Those transfer switch contacts are rated @ 30 or 50 amps which is far more than the contacts on the AC start relay. My transfer switch is 25 years old and gets to transfer under AC load many times a year. The transfer switch and contacts are designed for that type of service, just like motor starter contacts in production service are designed to handle the load they are rated for. Manholt, what generator bushings are you referring to? Richard
  5. OK, let me restate that. The dipstick is on TSB....................No longer free after warranty expires..😉 Richard
  6. Your "T" handle dipstick was on the recall list. It will show from 1/2 to 1 quart low when the proper amount of oil is in the engine. The Ford replacement dipstick has a round loop handle to help eliminate confusion between the two dipsticks. Easy fix, stop by your local Ford dealer and purchase the correct dipstick. Richard
  7. Change the tail & stop lights on your toad to LED. Leds are not as voltage sensitive as incandescent bulbs. Richard
  8. We did Alaska in 2013. The full width mud flap is not a problem if it is at least 4" off the pavement when sitting level. We didn't get any dings on out toad in our 4 months on the road to and from Alaska. The roads are like the roads in the lower 48. You will encounter a lot of road construction. Most campgrounds in Canada & Alaska have clean up facilities. Some are a free hard stand with water and some are pay to use high pressure sprayers. You will want to get off the road early to clean up from the road construction crud. Richard
  9. I believe what you are calling a proportioning valve is actually your hydroboost. The hydroboost supplies energy from the power steering pump to the master cylinder for power brakes. The hydroboost and master cylinder are bolted together and could look like one device with both power steering lines and brake lines together. You could have a bad belt, bad/worn pulleys or a bad tensioner. Richard
  10. Fleetwood typically wired the generator starter to the house batteries. Richard
  11. Are you blowing more black smoke than normal? More smoke = boost issue. If no excess smoke then you're not getting fuel.
  12. The toung (incert) is not on center and the pressfit is not tight enough to maintain the fit for very long. I gussied up my ol Bounder with wood grain trim. It looks like this. Which I could remember the supplier.
  13. Bill, the trim wraps 360° around the counter and it is tongue and groove. Ya got to get it away from the wall to pull the trim out of the groove. Been there done that. Richard
  14. After you take the counter top off, look closely on the bottom side. You will see very small staples going up holding the tongue in the groove. Real bear to get out. You may want to purchase a cheap air stapler for the new trim. I had to replace all the trim in my 95 Bounder. Richard
  15. OK Rich, I see no facts in your post, only ambiguous comment. Please explain what software, how it reacts and what issues one would expect.. How would one know which charger ignores external or internal load changes? Who would we ask? Richard
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