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  1. I suspect the blower wire is not making contact in the end connector. Think about what you touched to make it work. Richard
  2. The water pump doesn't blow out when using air. You'll need to remove the discharge line and run the pump. Then some water pump inlet screens need to be opened up. Richard
  3. We spend most of the winter off grid with four 6 volt batteries from Sam's Club and 660 watts of solar. If you have easy access to your batteries, go with flooded lead acid batteries. Richard
  4. If you have a 3 jack system, make sure the front jack has raised your MH slightly before deploying the rear jacks. This help to keep the frame from twisting, and damaging your windshields and front cap. Richard
  5. I would suggest burying the Dicor and using Sikaflex 715 on your EPDM roof. It is a superior product @ a superior price. Sikaflex 715 With Sikaflex there is no going on the roof and looking for cracks every 6 months, like with Dicor. Sikaflex stretches with out cracking. On the sides I use DAP ALEX PLUS 40 year clear, from Home Depot. It has worked well on my old Bounder for 23 years. Richard
  6. Wow! Who would have though that some ladders are only attached to the fiberglass? My ol antique 95 Bounder has 1" pine boards behind the fiberglass for the ladder screws. Richard
  7. Do you have an Intellitec system? Intellitec no longer supplies parts or service. Waiter provides both. He's a good guy. If so look up Waiter at https://waiterecc.com/ Richard
  8. If you jacks are OEM, then they are Power Gear. Both Power Gear and HWH, of your year, use Dextron III/Mercon. Make sure the jacks are fully up, remove the plug on the side, near the top and fill to the bottom of the hole. Richard
  9. We clip our cat's nails. Richard
  10. rls7201


    Our MH sits on a full service RV pad, right next to the garage. No problems with the city. Home sweet home. Most every thing on my property is aged. 1990 F150, 1995 Bounder, 1952 home. 1943 wife!
  11. You bathroom heat is probably like mine. The furnace sits on one side of the coach and the bathroom on the other. My furnace has 4 4" ducts and the 2" bathroom duct is "T" off of one of the 4" ducts. My bathroom duct is over 12' long and has hardly no flow. When in the cold, we use a small electric heater to prewarm the bathroom before showers. Richard
  12. Transfer switches (relays) hum when the armature and the iron core don't make full contact when in the closed position. Has nothing to do with the contacts. As far as reliability, they offer little problem. My 95 Bounder still has the OEM auto transfer switch. Richard
  13. Bounder wet bays have been heated since the first one in 1986. You have been misinformed. Richard
  14. Fleetwood typically only installed the two battery disconnect switches by the door/stairwell. Your best bet is to disconnect the negative battery cables from both battery banks. Some have installed a high amperage disconnect switch on both banks, for convenance. Richard
  15. Assuming you MH has a smart charger, I would leave the batteries in the MH, disconnect switches turned on and plugged in. Check the battery water levels before storage and all should be well. Richard
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