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  1. No need to isolate the solar from the other devices that charge your batteries. All the charging systems play well together. But you should add that switch from the panels for proper solar start up/shut down. You don't want the panels connected to the charge controller unless the charge controller is connected to the batteries first. Richard
  2. You Battery Control Center (BCC) will be close to your battery banks. Take the cover off the black box (BCC) and you'll find a wiring schematic for the BCC on the inside of the cover. That should give you enough info to trouble shoot with your VOM. Richard
  3. LOP SW (low oil pressure switch) in upper right hand corner of schematic. NC=normally closed. Connection point 12 Richard
  4. Some place close to the batteries is a black box (battery control center.). Remove the lid. On the circuit board, close to the center, is an ignition relay that turns on and off with the key. It's designed to take the load off the ignition switch. Check for burned connection around the relay. Also you may find a failed fuse in the BCC. Is your AC vacuum controlled? If so it's probably from evans tempcon. https://www.proairllc.com/design-engineering/evans-tempcon-guides/ If your AC does not use vacuum controls, it's from Denso. https://densoheavyduty.com/hvac-systems Goto downloads for wiring prints. Richard
  5. You may be surprised at how long some of those rooftop ACs last. The 2 ACs on my 95 Bounder are original. Richard
  6. Remove your oil filter and you should be able to see the oil pressure switch. The oil pressure switch is normally closed and goes open circuit with oil pressure. Thus the engine runs with the wire disconnected. Richard
  7. Dawn is a famous label that produces cleaning products. According to the Materials Safety Data Sheets, the pH level of Dawn dish soap is between 8.7 and 9.3 which makes this washing product moderately basic.Jan 11, 2020 If aluminium is exposed to very strong acid or alkaline environments outside the pH range 4 to 9, violent corrosion will occur in the form of metal pitting. Richard
  8. Death wobble is a known issue with solid front axle suspension systems. Ford addressed the issue with the steering damper attached to the tie rod. Your's is probably worn out. Also dynamic tire balance is a known cause of death wobble. http://zx14ninjaforum.com/messages.cfm?threadid=FD889E3A-1372-66AE-3BF245423CB4CA83 Poorly constructed, crooked, tires will also cause death wobble.. If your F53 chassis had been lubed correctly and on time, there is little chance of component failure other than the steering damper. My 95 F53 with 170,000 miles, still has all the original suspension and steering components. You have kingpins, not ball joints as previously stated. Alignment is not your issue. Richard
  9. Have you considered the fact that the rear wheel studs may not be long enough for two aluminum wheels? Usually the inner dual is steel. Richard
  10. Your HVAC is from Denso. On this page, click downloads for your wiring prints. Richard
  11. Carl, I'm always wanting to learn more. If a black surface absorbs all colors of light and reflects no colors of light back and a white surface reflects all colors of light back and absorbs no colors of light, then why is it that UV rays only destroy white surfaces? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks Richard
  12. rls7201


    Beware, Fleetwood (REV Group) may not be bolting the body to the chassis any more. Richard
  13. I relegate the screen cleaning to the wife. She does a nice job. and my fingernails don't get scratched or broken. 😌 Richard
  14. Don't overlook those older Country Coaches & Bluebird Wanderlodges. Good stuff. I came so close to buying a 98 BlueBird Wanderlodge, 42' with DD 60 engine. It had 55,000 miles and all new tires and batteries for $135,000. It was a head turner. Even had a walk in closet in the bedroom. But that BB would probably have collapsed my RV pad with it's 55,000 lbs. I'm still crying. Richard
  15. We spend 3-4 months in the winter off grid with our 4 wet cells and 505 watts of solar. Our batteries do achieve over 90% charge on sunny days, even when the furnace is running on those cold desert nights. We average 30 minutes a day of generator time to microwave and give the batteries a slight kick in the lead @ 15.5 volts and 125 amps of converter. You can give those wet cells a huge kick in the lead on those cool mornings, just as long as you don't overheat them. We can travel in below 0º weather with batteries stored outside. Laptop and satellite TV is on most of the day. We have all the electrical conveniences we need and wet cell weight is not an issue in our old Bounder. I'm sure your buss doesn't have a battery weight issue. Richard
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