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  1. Like you said "everyone is entitled to their opinion." There are hundreds of RVs running down the road with enhanced engine performance. No one suggested "drag racing" them but you. They just want to maintain speed on inclines. I used to pit crew, build and tune engines for circle track cars but in my 77 years I haven't lost my drive for "MORE POWER". Richard
  2. Look on the circuit board in the Battery Control Center. The BBC should be located close to both battery banks. Wiring and fuse schematic on the inside of the BCC cover. Richard
  3. A good tuner will monitor all those functions and defuel when necessary. Like at shift points and over temperature exhaust gas amd coolant.. I guess the difference between gear heads and just users has become obvious. Gear heads like pushing the edge and and just users don't want more or are not skilled enough to feel safe going after more.There is always more power to be made in a reliable fashion if done correctly.
  4. You right those 40- 45 ft DPs come with a lot bigger radiators than my ol gas coach and those diesel engines are a lot more durable than my gas engine. But there are a lot of tuned diesels running up and down the road with no issues. I remember when those old 8.3 Cummins we tuned to 250 HP from the factory and folks said not to raise the HP or they would break. Go figure. Remember when over the road diesels didn't have turbochargers and then the factory added them and the drivers said those engines wouldn't stand that type of abuse? Richard
  5. Ya just never know what performance improvements will bring with them. My 1995 F53 Bounder 460 cu in engine turned into a stroked 528 cu in engine with increased compression, RV cam, mild porting, higher flow injectors, Banks Power Pack exhaust and a TwEECer tuner. Transmission got a shift kit. Stock radiator and fan clutch, with no cooling problems from below sea level to 11,000 ft. There have been many successful HP increases on oil burners with no cooling problems. An exhaust temperature monitor is a must. Richard
  6. Jim, are you looking to stay for awhile or do you just need to overnight? I have some ideas. Richard
  7. There is no better dollar value than Costco or Sams Club. I typically get 5-6 years service from those $89.00 batteries. I doubt if you will get twice the service from batteries that are twice the price. Richard
  8. Mike, I purchased a replacement dash radio that flashed colors just like yours. Have you checked to see if the flashing can be turned off in the set-up options? I was able to turn off the flashing on my radio. Richard
  9. I just noticed all the corrosion on your generator. Do you live or spend a lot of time on the coast? The corrosion would indicate that other items on you generator could be corroded, causing you problem. I.E. electrical connections, slip rings, etc. Richard
  10. Your old relay is case grounded. The new relay ( with 4th post) will need a ground wire added to the 4th post. Leave all other wires as they were. Richard
  11. The carburetor did NOT return to the idle circuit when you removed 1/3 of the load but remained on the main circuit. So your fuel mixture is OK. What could be happening is the carb is not throttling back when you remove the load and the generator is shutting down due to over speed (high frequency). Clean and check the throttle linkage for crud buildup and binding. If you have a kill-a-watt meter, look closely at the frequency setting when you remove the load from the generator. Onan did not use a fuel pressure regulator on its RV gas generator. Richard
  12. RLS7201

    Dead Battery

    Your copied information was way off base. While working on cars back in the 60s & 70s with high compression ratios, we would question starters that exceed 175 amps. Todays lower compression engines, with gear reduction starters require less energy. My 460/528 9:1 compression ratio stroker engine spins easily at 150 amps when hot. The OPs V10 9.2:1 compression ratio engine should spin easily at 150 amps. Richard
  13. RLS7201

    Dead Battery

    Your starter does NOT require 1000 amps to start your engine. If you gas engine starter takes over 175 amps to start the engine, there is something wrong. Richard
  14. I love Q, so many great, friendly people there. What's really fun is parking my 25 year old Bouder next to a 45' $1M+ coach and lowering their property value. GRIN Richard
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