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  1. Greetings Lewis band Maria. Sorry to hear about your problems, but there is a silver lining in this cloud. After everything is fixed you will have a relatively trouble free RV experience. After 8 years with this current MH, there still is one item that has never been fixed, so we just live with it. It is minor in nature and at first was an irritant but it hasn't stood in the way of 8 years of outstanding adventures. I sincerely hope that in the years to come, you can look back on the problems and say "Wow, it was worth it". Happy travels. Ward
  2. Mmmm, I think 550 will be left to those braver than I. Perhaps we will park the coach and go by toad. When we leave home, we start out on a Mountain Advisory road and are accustomed to driving in the mountains. That is the Appalachian Mountains which are the smaller of the US mountain ranges. We've driven through the Rockies but not on roads like the Million Dollar Road. It truly is more important to enjoy the trip not to say I've been there. Ward
  3. I had forgotten about a blog entry I made a couple of years ago about a BBQ place in N. Carolina. Blog link Check down near the bottom of the page. As can be seen from the photos, I do like to eat! Ward
  4. Ron, I'm headed in that direction In September. If you go before then, please give a report here on the forum about your experience. Sounds like it would be worth a side trip. Ward
  5. A lot of folks have swapped out the RV queen size mattress and put in a regular queen mattress. Most think the two inch squish when you close the slide is worth it. Ward
  6. The Dirty Blind man puts out a great kit and my experience was that we had more than adequate instructions. One word of caution if your blind has brass ferrels, order the nylon replacement. Ward
  7. We've eaten BBQ all over the country and have enjoyed good smokey ribs and sauces in many places. There are many mediocre places, but wow there are some outstanding rib joints from coast to coast. So far there are only two categories of BBQ that I don't really care for. One is the mustard thing they do in some places in the Carolinas and the other is the mesquite some places in the West use. Most mesquite is really good but we ate in a couple of places in Texas where the mesquite smoked brisket tasted like kerosene. Never could figure why. We also think the sides are almost as important as the meat. If you are near Dahlonega Georgia, there is a little BBQ joint on the corner of Highway 52 and Long Branch Rd. Sorry I don't know the name but good smokey, tender BBQ with some very good beans which are different.
  8. Hey Koot, you can tell us. You know there should be a place on the forum for life's RV embarrassing moments. I've had some dillies. Ward
  9. Try toothpaste mixed with Boraxo. Dampen a cloth and rub the area with the mixture. Was once told that mineral spirits worked like a charm, but tried the toothpaste and Boraxo mixture first so had no need for the mineral spirits. Ward
  10. Times like this my old age creeps in and I can't remember some things, but here goes anyway. Somewhere in the back of my pointy head there is a front to back or side to side leveling answer for RV refrigerators. Does anyone remember the rule as to whether it is important for the coach to be level front to back or side to side and the degree of allowable error? Somewhere in there is the thought that the coach must be level front to back, but can be off side to side for proper refrigerator operation. Ward
  11. Something that needs to be added here is the fact that many dump stations are on septic systems and bleach will adversely effect the organisms needed for these to function properly. Also some RV "tank" products contain formaldehyde which will shut down a septic system. This is the reason many state rest areas have closed dump stations. Ward
  12. Brett, as usual is right on the money, stay away from chlorine unless you like to replace gaskets. I really like a product called Nature-Zyme. This stuff is really works really well. The other tip I can offer is to turn the fan off while flushing. There's some interesting ventilation there. Ward
  13. You can reach the Gypsy Journal Here I think the Escapee site is Escapees.com Nick (Gypsy Journal) has a yearly rally which is worth attending. Lots of laughs. Ward
  14. Though not full timers, we do stay on the road 6-10 months a year and have a goodly number of full timer friends, Some parks have happy hour meetings. Ask when you check in are email prior to staying there. Dog and exercise walkers are always easy to meet, but should be approached with a big smile. People sitting outside are much easier to communicate with than folks in the coach. Check forums (there are several very active ones) for people going to the same area as you. We met some very dear friends this way. Also check for rallies that will be near your travel route. Check out the Gypsy Journal for information. If you don't know about the Escapees organization which is primarily for full timers, check it out. Lots of socializing there. Ward
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