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  1. What is the typical timeframe of a fiberglass roof, before re-caulking and sealing?
  2. Has anyone ever used just plain old petrolatum on the posts and connectors? I also have a question about the cable lengths....in the recent magazine article about batteries, it states that all the battery connection cables should be the same length? I am not sure how you can do that with the different connections to different batteries?
  3. The wraparound windshield in my 2006 Monaco Cayman cracked about 3 weeks ago while driving over a large speed bump at a 45 deg angle. It cracked in the left top corner and then popped and ran all the way down to the dash. The cracked area is approx 18" wide and top to bottom. My insurance is covering it, but I would like to know if I need to "watch for this or that" from the installer. My insurance picked the installer, since that was a condition of it being warranted by the glass replacement company. It took about a week to get it shipped to an installer and it is just now being installed tomorrow. Ron
  4. Ditto on my 2008 CRV Mine has the Nav system, so I cobbled up a switch with a 7.5amp fuse and 'plugged it into the fuse block #38 (I think that's the number) ck the Honda manual. Ron
  5. Source Engr says their kit used 5/8" air line. Ron
  6. ronmonson

    Cruise Control

    The Cruise Control WILL NOT operate if you have Exhaust Brake engaged...if you have it. Ron
  7. I have the same issue with my 2006 Monaco Cayman......so I am interested in what the 'experts' have to say also.
  8. WOW !! You have the most experience to date on the road and from the vantage point of an experienced RVer. I will reconsider driving it in the RV. The problem is how do I get to Grand Junction or Denver without driving it?
  9. Did Monaco honor the 'Recall' on the trailing arms and replace them or did you have it done at a local shop at your expense? Ron
  10. We put 10# of ice cubes and about 5 gal of water in a 52 gal tank and drove down the highway for several hours....BINGO...the odor is now very manageable. When I dump the next morning, to check what might be coming thru the view tube, I was AMAZED at what the ice cubes broke lose!
  11. Brett; excellent points! I have driven our Fifth Wheel with a Chevy 3500 DuraMax and 5 speed Allison on some 8% and did use the transmission a lot. The Chevy unfortunately didn't have Exhaust Braking. I had control of the decent with the transmission. I also tried the cruise control and it worked well on some of the hills on the Parkway in the Shenandoah Valley. Do you know what the grades are on Hwy 550?
  12. We are currently set up to leave on Sept 6.....so we will be doing the Million Dollar Hwy on or about Sept 27. I don't think the 'winter weather' will be an issue, but it is getting late in the season!
  13. In my Monaco, it has two (2) switches...one for LP - which is labeled 12Volt, go figure. The second switch is labeled 120Volt. Both are located on the Electrical contol panel
  14. Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for....justification to drive it!!!! It looks like it would be a REAL eyecatcher, not to mention breathtaking (for my wife)!
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