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  1. Sorry Rayin, I didn't realize there was a limitation on responding to a post.
  2. Has anyone had any dealing with Drive Quest, supposed to be recommended by FMCA.
  3. I ran across the same bad experience with Cornerstone a few years ago. My Mountain Aire had a Hydr Hot system than wasn't working on the electric side for hot water. Because the policy said "water heater" "furnance" they wouldn't cover it. Their reason was it's a engine preheater, which is true on some installations just not mine. Fortunately the repair was onle about $100 more than the deductable. Typical insurance company play on words.
  4. Sure not a lot of activity going on here but I'll see if anyone has ever experienced our question. We are both retired on SS, plus being retired military have TriCare. We receive our medications through Express Scripts. There has to be others doing the FT thing in our situation, how do you receive your meds? TIA
  5. 1. Jim Dinwiddie 2. Air Force 3. 21 yrs. Oct 69 - Sept 90 4. E8, Senior Master Sergeant 427X5 retired 42799 . Aircraft Structural Repair. 5 years as an instructor. Served in Vietnam
  6. A much argued subject. Most newer 5th wheels have a front cap designed for more turning clearance, however the extra cost of a slider is good insurance against truck damage. I found it funny looking at a YouTube video that a guy with a long bed felt he had clearance issues.
  7. On our recent trip to Myrtle Beach my wife and I were out and decided to stop for something cold to drink. Pulled in shut off the truck order drinks when they arrived went to restart the truck and it's a no go. Batteries are to low to start it. So I call Roadside Rescue, Dispatcher asks for my FMCA #, then color of truck, how many miles, how long it is, I'm thinking why the devil does she need information like that for a jump. After all that she tells me my truck isn't covered only my 5th wheel. I explain the policy and she says she will go ahead and process but them says it won't allow her to do so. It will cost me $59 for a jump. I unhappily agreed. Tells me the company will text me when they are on their way. After close to 30 minutes I get a text that they will be there in 60 to 90 minutes after waiting almost 2 hours I get a call from the tow company saying he will be there in 20 to 25 minutes after 30 more minutes I call the tow company, they will check where he is and call me back, 10 minutes later he shows up and in less than 2 minutes the truck is started. He tells me he was told I was in a motorhome and that was what he was looking for. So this morning I call FMCA customer service to straighten this mess out. I have called 3 times and gotten the same message all three times "leave a message and phone number and we will get back to you" . With customer service like this I'm beginning to think I should have gotten Roadside Rescue from somewhere else. After allowing tow behinds to be part of this organization it seems the program hasn't quite gotten all the kinks worked out.
  8. I have a 2001 Newmar Mountain Aire with a Shurflo PN 2088-404-144. It works fine as long as it has water in the pump but as soon as the pump is dry it will not self prime. Has anyone rebuilt one of these? I have been able to find a rebuild valve kit but before I go that way I wanted to see if there's something else I should be looking at. Thanks in advance
  9. roadking


    Thanks for the comments, it seems from your reviews it's a good app. But thinking about the added time on my already over used data plan while we travel, I'm going to continue looking for a new GPS. Thanks again. Jim
  10. 1. Jim 2. USAF 3. 21 Years 4. Senior Master Sergeant, E8 5. Airframe Structural Repair 6. 1969 - 1990, Places stationed, Davis Monthan AZ, Utapo Thailand, Da Nang Vietman, Osan Korea, Langley VA, McCord WA, Chanute Ill, Charleston, SC.
  11. Bill I worked at TIMCO now HEACO.
  12. roadking


    I saw an ad here for the Copilot app. I had this probably 10 years ago and found it to be pretty good at the time. Since I'm looking for a new GPS I was thinking about buying the app and using it with my tablet instead of getting a new unit. But it got mixed reviews, does anyone currently use this?
  13. Hello all, like the title says I am new to the forum but have been a FMCA member for a long while. The wife retired 8 years ago from Duke University, I retired in 1990 after 21 years in the Air Force and left a large aircraft repair station last year. We have done quite a lot of traveling since,with plans to do more. We have a 2001 Mountain Aire DP and travel with the 2 fur babies.
  14. We have been thinking about getting a golf cart to have at large campgrounds, is there a nickels worth of difference in them. Looking at electric.
  15. Glad I saw this subject. We are talking the mother in law to Florida next month, she uses oxygen at night with her Cpap. Is there a bottle large enough to last her for a week? Would be nice not to have to take her concentrator.
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