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  1. Lots of traffic. No problem going that route with coach. I would take another route.
  2. Solution. Bought a computer pad that has a fan. Your computer sits atop. Works fine with my Wineguard receiver. Plugs right into usb port on receiver.
  3. Hi, congrats on your purchase. We have a Beaver Patriot and are very pleased with the quality. Happy trails
  4. Recently bought and had installed a Wineguard traveler sat dish. Installed the receiver in storage cabinet overhead. When unit is off, the top is very hot. More than just warm. Has anyone had this problem? Have searched the forum to no avail.
  5. Our coach has what looks like a rubber backing on curtains. We were told by local dry cleaning establishment in our town that fabric is not washable. Monoco says you cannot wash or dry clean. I would think most, if not all curtains would be the same with a heavy backing. We have a Beaver Patriot coach. I am putting this out here for input if anybody would like to comment I would appreciate it.
  6. Planning trip up into Canada from Montana to Alaska. Does anyone have any current prices on diesel fuel?
  7. Heard so many good things about the traveller dish that i went out and bought one for the beaver. Can't wait to check it out. Had to have one after being in key west for a couple months Dec/Jan. We stayed at NAS Sigsbee and I was going through TV withdrawl. No football games. No cable at campground. That did it! we are planning a 67 day trip through Alaska Jun-Aug this year and I must have the satellite. We are dish pay as you go plan.
  8. Had same problem and repaired leak (pinhole) with jb weld. works great and last along time. Most stores sell home depot etc.
  9. I did hear that Jane Fonda had been named in the top ten of best looking woman within the last 100 yrs. Figure that one out.
  10. jim and liz from pawleys island sc just south of myrtle beach thinking of making the trip to alaska. What part of nc are you from?
  11. jim/liz from Myrtle beach area (Pawleys Island) thinking of a possible trip north. Interesting reading these posts, may decide on sooner rather than later. Just returned from two month trip to Fla. 24 days in Key West. Planning our next trip in the beav.
  12. I own a 33' Beaver Patriot 330DP Use it quite frequently and find it handles very well.
  13. Staying in Kings Bay naval sub base campground. What a nice place $19 night. Golf only $12 with a card from campground. Eagle hammock campground. Was a little inconvenient getting in due to security, understand that due to the fact that it is a nuclear sub base but worth it. Golf course is great, will compare to most courses at Myrtle Beach where we are from. We are in route to Key West and this is just a stop on the way. Would definitely give it a 5 star.
  14. Plan on heading south to Key West Sigsbee this winter. Would like any input as to when would be best time of year to arrive to insure space avail. Any other input would be appreciated.
  15. Jim and Liz and duchess from Pawleys Island SC. I am a retired Marine and DOD, she retired from insurance sales. Coach, 2000 Beaver Patriot, Cat 330. Toad is a Honda CRV. Have recently entered the RV lifestyle, working the bugs out of the beav and looking forward to new life for the both of us. The beav has been sitting for to long. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
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