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  1. The blue softener is the “on the go” brand. It does a great job. The shower and laundry are much better, no more white spots on the counters or faucets. We have a dishwasher and it was unusable at times before we got this. Wife loves it, that says enough!
  2. Our new to us Winnebago Adventurer 36A, 2006 is built on the workhorse chassis. Just inside the door is a floor vent next to the wall that is open into the storage bay. There is no duct work to this vent. Is this correct or did some one remove a duct.
  3. I saw a posting that said they used "mop and glo." I have not tried it, but am interested in your fix.
  4. I knew you were from SC as soon as I saw the post. I only pay a license fee in Ohio, that is the same for a car. Gas is taxed higher here. We do not pay on the vehicle value. Now I know SC is a great place to live but this is one of the disadvantages.
  5. We bought our first class A in the fall. What to pay and fair price? We found a MH that was what we wanted. Price range, style floorplan etc... I then searched the internet to find others like it to determine if the price was fair. Resale was not a factor as we were buying into the MH life and our retirement. Like my cars, they never seam to get what I think they are worth when I sell them. My research showed that used or new MH all have problems. My new car had issues and it cost as much as our MH. Yes I found some priced much less and others priced for much more. I wanted a dealer close to help with the major items. Find one that you say "now this is what we want" suffer the pains of repairs and most of all HAVE FUN. Worry about resale when you want to buy the next one.
  6. I am new to the whole RV thing, but installed my tow gear myself. The Roadmaster Evenbrake has worked very well so far and was very easy to install.
  7. I just did this today. I was at home. Mine is a Fleetwood but should be similar. I had to remove the matress and the platform cover of plywood to get to the gear. The pain is getting to some of the parts.
  8. LCD's are better in MH than PLASMA. LCD shows better in brighter light that a MH would have with all of the windows, and they have a better viewing angle than PLASMA which show better if it is straight on. I would be interesting in what the newer LED sets look like.
  9. schoolsout2

    XM Radio

    Has anyone installed a SAT radio that needs a cable run to the roof? I was wondering if the exposed wire is a problem? I thought I might cover it with seam sealer if need be. I plan to run the cable out the drivers door, but I would have about 18 inches of exposed wire and am afraid it would come loose.
  10. As mentioned, the Verizon DROID can be used to connect a laptop or other computer to the internet. This can also be done when going down the road. The free version of PDANet will not allow you to log into secure sites, but the paid version will. There is an app to allow you to set the phone as a WIFI access point, but I have not used it. Of course all of this eats the battery.
  11. Thanks, It looks like the automatic will have to have the disconnect but the manual will be OK. Thanks
  12. I am looking at a 4x4 Nissan Xterra with manual transmission. I found Demco's listing that a 4x4 automatic is not towable and the 2x4 manual is but nothing for the 4x4 manual. Any one know if it can be 4 wheels down towed without the disconnect?
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